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Don’t Get Caught Off–Guard this Winter: 3 Tips for Effective Boiler Performance

Do you have family and/or friends coming by for the holidays this year? Do you just want to ensure that you and your family are able to sleep comfortably throughout the coldest nights of the winter season? Then keep these tips in mind, so that you can enjoy the best that your boiler has to offer.

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Are you hosting a big Thanksgiving dinner for your loved ones this year? Do you simply want to guarantee that your home heating system is in the condition necessary for keeping your family warm and cozy, regardless of how low the temperatures outside may dip? Whatever the case may be, you are going to have to take a few steps in order to ensure a great performance from your home heating system. If you use a boiler to heat your home, you are familiar with the great potential that such systems offer. Here are a few tips to help you to get the most from yours.

First of all, remember that sizing is everything when it comes to your boiler installation. If you are having a brand new heating system installed in a new property, or if you are replacing an old, worn out heating system with a new, efficient boiler, then you must schedule your installation with a trained professional. Aside from ensuring that every component in that system is installed properly, this is also the only way in which to know for certain that your new boiler is of the right size for your home. Oversized boilers will leave you paying for more heating capacity than you’ll ever need, while an undersized boiler will struggle to heat your home effectively, and will run for very long periods of time in attempting to do so.

Secondly, remember to schedule routine heating m/wp-content/uploads/2022/01/crockpot-apple-crisp.pdfaintenance with a qualified technician. Our staff is here to help with this service as well. You must remember that the fact that your heater is functioning does not necessarily mean that it is functioning at peak efficiency or performance levels. By allowing our technicians to meticulously inspect and expertly tune up your boiler, you grant yourself the ability to heat your home in not only an effective manner, but an efficient one as well. You don’t want to leave your guests out in the cold, after all, just to cut down on your utility costs during the holiday season.

Finally, and this is an important one, always remember that any sign of trouble with your boiler merits the attention of an experienced technician. We know that the holidays can be a very hectic time of the year, both at work and at home. With everything going on throughout the season, it may be tempting to dismiss “minor” signs of trouble with your boiler. However, the fact is that any such problems won’t remain “minor” for long. The longer that you delay in scheduling professional boiler repairs, the worse off your system is likely to be, and the more serious the problem with your boiler, the more costly the repairs. With that in mind, take stock of any irregularities in your boiler’s performance, and reach out to a professional technician as soon as possible.


Keep Warm This Holiday Season and Beyond with Professional Heating Maintenance

There’s nothing worse than walking into a cold home at the end of a long day or waking up to a chilly house. One of the best ways to avoid this scenario is to make sure your heating system has been properly maintained by a trained professional. Heating maintenance isn’t just a quick once–over of your heating system. It is a full tune–up designed to ensure that your heater works optimally throughout the fall and winter months.

Why Is Professional Heating Maintenance a Full Tune–Up?

When a trained and certified professional performs heating maintenance on your heating system, he or she will conduct a number of tasks that help improve the overall performance of your heating system. Some of these tasks include:

  • A thorough inspection of your heater
  • Cleaning of the components
  • Change of the air filter
  • Lubrication of all moving parts
  • Small repair (adjusting of worn fan belts, repair of fraying wires)
  • Check of all electronic components
  • Check of all connections, including fuel valves
  • Check of the flue (if applicable)
  • Check of the refrigerant level (for heat pumps)
  • System testing

Why Is All This Necessary?

The goal of every maintenance appointment is to make your system more energy efficient, better able to reach your set temperature and operate well. In order to accomplish this, an in–depth appointment is required. For instance, the thorough inspection allows your technician to detect any existing or developing problems and get ahead of them. Small issues like a worn fan belt can be taken care of during the appointment. Should a bigger issue be discovered, such as a refrigerant leak, you’ll be alerted by your technician so that you can schedule repair. Lubrication of all moving parts is important because if friction develops, the moving parts in your system can grind, which will lead to serious problems. Proper, safe venting is critical for any combustion heating system, and this is what your heating expert will look for when inspecting the flue of your furnace or boiler system.

Can I Do It Myself?

Performing maintenance at the level you and your heater deserve really requires an expert. Being handy just isn’t enough to qualify you to perform professional–level maintenance on your heating system. And you don’t want to run the risk of creating a potential repair issue. Instead, let a seasoned expert with the right training and certification get your heating system ready for the fall and winter months.

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