Whole House Humidifier Systems in Rockland, North Bergen and Orange Counties

Excessively dry air can cause serious discomfort and even damage to your home. If you experience symptoms such as dry nose and throat discomfort, itchy skin, frequent static shocks and aggravated allergies you may benefit greatly from the installation of a whole house humidifier. If you’ve noticed chipping paint or splitting wood in your home, the humidity experts at EB Design Air Inc. can help. We offer full whole house humidifier service including installation, professional maintenance and repair service. Don’t be uncomfortable in your whole home. Restore proper moisture and improve indoor air quality with help from EB Design Air Inc.. We service all of Rockland, Westchester, Orange and North Bergen Counties.

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How a Whole House Humidifier Works

A whole house humidifier introduces just the right amount of moisture into the air within your home. During the cold season when you run your home heating system dry air is common. By restoring proper moisture levels to the air in your home you will find that heat is retained better, allowing you to lower your thermostat and even save a bit of money on home heating costs. Some of the hot air circulating through the ductwork in your home is diverted through the humidifier and absorbs water. That water is vaporized and absorbed into the air. It is sent through the vents and into your home, providing much needed moisture to your indoor air.

Whole House Humidifier Installation, Maintenance and Repair

It is important that your whole house humidifier receives high quality service beginning at the moment of installation. The humidifier experts at EB Design Air Inc. will ensure that every step of the installation process is handled with the exceptional levels of expertise and professionalism that customers have come to expect from us. It is an expectation that we happily and consistently fulfill. When you hire EB Design Air Inc. for your humidifier installation service you can rest assured that your humidifier will operate effectively and efficiently as only an expertly installed comfort system can. Get the most out of your whole house humidifier by starting it off right. Let EB Design Air Inc. perform your humidifier installation service. We support and install GeneralAire® Indoor Air Quality Products, and typically focus on the whole house steam humidifier series.

In addition to our great installation service we can also keep your humidifier operating the at the performance levels it is supposed to. Our regular maintenance services will ensure that all components of your whole house humidifier are operating properly and that it is interacting with your heating and cooling system correctly. There is no better way to keep your humidifier functioning at optimal efficiency levels than with regular maintenance, so call EB Design Air Inc. today to schedule a visit.

Unfortunately, no machine is perfect, and even though regular maintenance will keep the need for repairs infrequent and the repairs themselves less complex, some repair service will be needed eventually. Professional maintenance not only keeps your humidifier operating properly, but also allows our Super Techs to find and resolve any problems with your device before they have time to cause serious issues with your machine. When a component such as a humidifier is integrated into your existing comfort systems it can put the integrity of the entire system at risk. Make sure you protect your comfort with regular maintenance and professional repair service from the experts at EB Design Air Inc..

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