Mitsubishi Ductless Mini Split Systems in Rockland, North Bergen and Orange Counties

Most homeowners in the New City, NY area are accustomed to traditional centralized HVAC systems: usually forced-air heaters and air conditioners, or boilers that use water or steam to heat the house. They’re safe and effective methods of keeping your home comfortable, but they’re not the only types of HVAC systems out there.

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Ductless mini split systems adopt a decentralized approach to heating and air conditioning, which provides many benefits. Mitsubishi ductless mini split systems, in particular, set the standard of quality for the entire industry. The friendly pros at EB Design Air Inc. handle all manner of services for ductless mini split systems – from installation to repair, maintenance and replacement – and we’re proud to partner with Mitsubishi and their line of ductless heating and ductless air conditioning products. Call us today for services.

How Do Ductless Systems Work?

Ductless heating and ductless air conditioning systems work by spacing multiple blower units throughout your house, as opposed to one big unit providing heated and cooled air for the entire home. Each unit can be operated independently of the others, and each unit need only heat or cool a single room or section.

That can be a huge benefit for homes that can’t support a system of ducts required for centralized HVAC systems, as well as homes with unique needs. Our trained team can spell out your options for you before performing quality installation services. We’re also available for maintenance and repairs on existing units, and for replacement service when your system reaches that point.

What Are The Benefits?

Ductless systems provide comprehensive heating and cooling solutions for homes without the capacity to support a system of ducts, particularly those built before the advent of air conditioning (which can often be found in communities like ours). That can be a huge relief for homeowners relying on window units and portable space heaters for temperature control.

But the benefits extend beyond that. Independent controls mean that you can set different temperatures in different parts of the house, eliminating family squabbles over the thermostat settings. By turning off the units in parts of the home that you aren’t using (while still running units in parts of the home you are) you can cut down on monthly bills considerably.

Mitsubishi Models Provide Quality

When it comes to ductless mini split systems, we proudly recommend Mitsubishi systems for your home. The company’s products reflect the unique needs of every home, and can be tailored to match the specifics of your household needs. That can eliminate lingering problems in your home such as warm or cold spots and drafts.

They’re also built with quality in mind, and can last for many years with proper maintenance and care. With our team on your side, you can find the Mitsubishi ductless system that works best for your home, then have it installed with the care and attention to detail you deserve. And when trouble arises with your system, our team is ready to go with swift repairs and timely maintenance. Call on us today!

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