Geothermal System Installation in Rockland, North Bergen and Orange Counties

As energy costs continue to rise, more and more people are turning to alternative energy to supplement or replace their conventional gas or electricity based heating and cooling systems. If you’re looking for a way to heat and cool your home efficiently and effectively while also cutting down on energy use – and costs – call EB Design Air Inc. today. We offer excellent geothermal heat pump system installation and replacement service throughout New City, NY and the areas of Rockland, Westchester, Orange and North Bergen Counties. If you’re interested in learning more about the benefits and operation of this technology, contact EB Design Air Inc. for more information. We’re happy answer any questions you have about this clean, sustainable energy source.

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EB Design Air Inc. offers heating, air conditioning, and whole house generator installation, maintenance, and repair to Rockland, Westchester, Orange and North Bergen Counties.

Types of Geothermal Systems to Consider

There are a number of factors that must be considered before deciding on the best geothermal system for your property and personal needs. Between choosing the right loop system, determining whether a horizontal or vertical installation is appropriate, and finding the proper size heat pump it is easy to get overwhelmed. That’s why the help of a qualified professional is so important. At EB Design Air Inc. we take great pride in the service we provide and in the comfort we bring to your home. We want you to make the best decision for your home. Here is some information about different types of geothermal systems to consider.

Closed Loop Systems circulate an antifreeze solution through a closed loop that is either buried in the ground or, conditions permitting, submerge beneath water. Heat is transferred between the refrigerant within the heat pump and the antifreeze solution in the loop system by a heat exchanger. There are three types of closed loop systems.

Horizontal Closed Loop Systems are usually the most cost–effective option for residential installation purposes. Trenches are dug on your property, and the loop system is buried in these trenches. The system can be looped to fit more tubing in a smaller space if necessary.

Vertical Closed Loop Systems are often used in commercial buildings as they require less land for installation than horizontal loops. Holes are drilled, and to pipes connected at the bottom by a U–joint form a loop. This type of loop system may also be used residentially, though the drilling procedure may increase the installation cost.

If there is an adequate body of water on the property a Pond/Lake Loop System may be installed. This requires no digging, as the loop system is simply submerged beneath the water. This is likely to be the cheapest method of installation, but certain volume and water quality requirements must be met.

Finally, an open loop System uses water itself as the heat exchange fluid. It circulates through the system directly and is discharged back to the ground. An open loop system requires an adequate supply of water to be a viable option.

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EB Design Air Inc. has the knowledge and experience necessary to ensure that your brand new or replacement geothermal system is installed properly. It’s no mistake that we’ve built such a strong reputation for ourselves over the 25+ years we’ve been in business. Contact us for you geothermal system installation needs and see the difference that EB Design Air Inc. can make first hand.

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