Energy Audit Service in Rockland, North Bergen and Orange Counties

Are you concerned about potential energy loss in your home? If so, contact EB Design Air Inc. for a professional energy audit. By auditing inefficiency in your home you can find the problems that demand solutions and boost your energy efficiency. Improving energy efficiency in your home is a great way to reduce your environmental impact and energy costs at the same time. If you feel that you’ve been paying too much money for too little result when operating your home comfort systems, an energy audit from the efficiency experts at EB Design Air Inc. can help.

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EB Design Air Inc. offers heating, air conditioning, and whole house generator installation, maintenance, and repair to Rockland, Westchester, Orange and North Bergen Counties.

Home Performance Testing Diagnoses Air Leaks in Your Home

For many homeowners, a drafty house and high energy bills are common issues. Just because they are common, though, does not mean that they should be tolerated. A professional home performance test, administered by EB Design Air Inc., can pinpoint leaks in your home and allows you to make the improvements need to boost efficiency and lower the cost of keeping your home comfortable.

Air leaks are a leading cause of energy inefficiency in homes. If your ducts are leaky they cannot contain the air that you’ve paid to condition. Of course, even if you’re ducts aren’t leaking your home itself may be. If there are cracks or openings in your structure you are letting money escape right through the walls in your home. This means that the insulation in your home cannot perform its job properly. Air leaks not only cost you money, though. They can also reduce the quality of the air in your home. Moisture can enter your home through the same trouble points where air escapes. This leads to indoor condensation which can promote the growth of biological pollutants and unwanted odors. Call EB Design Air Inc. for a professional home performance test. We’ll help you seal up your leaks effectively.

Blower Door Testing

A blower door test is a great, easy way to locate air leaks in your home. A fan is installed in an exterior door frame, pulling the air out of your home and lowering the indoor air pressure. The outdoor air, which is now at a higher pressure, forces through unsealed cracks in your home. A smoke pencil may be used to pinpoint these leaks. Once you know where your home is leaking energy you can begin taking steps to rectify the situation.

There are some steps you should take before a blower door test is administered. Close your window and open all interior doors. Thermostats should be lowered and, to avoid a mess, cover ashes in fireplaces or wood stoves with newspapers and shut dampers, doors and air intakes. This is important for an accurate, undisruptive blower door test.

EB Design Air Inc. Can Help You Increase Energy Efficiency

Don’t pay to heat or cool air only to have it escape your home. Let EB Design Air Inc. perform a professional energy audit in your home and start saving energy and money. Make your home as energy efficient as possible with professional help from EB Design Air Inc..

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