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Energy Efficiency and Solar Energy in North Bergen County

Are you looking for a way to cut down on energy costs in your New City, NY home? By increasing energy efficiency you can enjoy all the luxuries you’re accustomed to while still reducing the amount you pay for the energy you use. While there are many new appliances and home comfort systems that boast higher efficiency ratings than older models, getting to the root of the situation is the best way to boost energy efficiency. Consider the installation of a solar energy system from EB Design Air Inc.. By utilizing clean, sustainable energy from an existing source you can heat and power your home in an efficient, eco–friendly manner. Don’t let the solar energy that reaches your home go unused. Harness it with a solar energy system and enjoy the perks that come with energy efficiency.
EB Design Air Inc. offers heating, air conditioning, and whole house generator installation, maintenance, and repair to Rockland, Westchester, Orange and North Bergen Counties.

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Choosing the Right Solar Energy System for Installation

There are a number of factors that will determine whether or not a solar energy system is right for your home. The availability of solar energy exposure is the most obvious, but you must also consider local permit requirements, the space available for your solar energy system installation, and your budget. An important first step in the process is to evaluate your energy consumption habits. See where energy is being wasted: make sure to unplug devices not in use, shut off lights in unoccupied rooms and making use of daylight are all easy ways to reduce energy consumption and will help make the most of your solar energy system. Taking these simple steps to increase energy efficiency prior to the purchase and installation of your solar energy – or photovoltaic system – will help reduce the size of the solar energy system needed to adequately power your home. This will help to lower both the initial investment and the cost of operating your solar energy system. If you have any questions about preliminary ways to increase energy efficiency in your home, contact the energy efficiency experts at EB Design Air Inc. for more helpful tips.

Types of Photovoltaic Systems for Installation

If you are building a new home and want to incorporate solar energy into its design, talk with your contractor. At the point of construction a whole house system design can help make your new home as efficient as possible. If you are looking to supply your existing home with solar powered electricity, there are 2 types of photovoltaic system you may consider.

A stand–alone photovoltaic system operates off –grid, meaning that it is not connected to a utility–operated electrical grid. There are a number of reasons why some people choose this type of system. In some locations it is more cost–effective to install a stand–alone system than to extend a power line to the grid. Home with small electricity needs are also ideal for a stand–alone system, and for many the idea of being self–sufficient and off the grid is appealing.

A grid–connected small solar electric system is backed up by power from a utility grid in the event that your PV system is not producing adequate power. Conversely, when the system produces excess power the utility will purchase it back. However you choose to incorporate solar energy into your home, whether with a whole–house, stand–alone or grid–connected system, you can expect to boost energy efficiency in your home. Call EB Design Air Inc. for more details.

Boost Energy Efficiency in Your Home with a Solar Energy System

Start powering your home in an efficient, sustainable way. EB Design Air Inc. can help you take advantage of the solar energy available to your home. If you have any questions about the installation, maintenance or repair of a solar energy system, call EB Design Air Inc. for answers.


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