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Think about all of the different electronics that you use in your home, from your computers and your smart phones to your TV and stereo. Now think about all of the money that you have spent on this equipment, and consider what it is worth to you. If you want to protect your electronics, as well as your electrical appliances, such as your washer, dryer, refrigerator, and all of the others, from electrical surges, then you are wise to consider the installation of a surge protector in your home.

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When we talk about a surge protector, we do not mean the little, point–of–use power strips that you can find at any office supply store. These are of little or no protection, and even if they were, they’d only protect those systems and electronics plugged directly into them. Instead, we’re talking about whole–house surge protection. If you are interested in using a whole–house surge protector in Bergen County, NJ we are the professionals to call. Contact a member of the EB Design Air Inc. staff to learn more about available systems.

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What Is a Whole–House Surge Protector?

A whole–house surge protector does not plug into an outlet in your electrical system. Instead, these systems are hard–wired into service panels themselves. The best part is that you really don’t have to do anything in order to benefit from your whole–house surge protector, other than to schedule its installation with a skilled, trained professional. Once you have, you can enjoy far greater, more effective protection from power surges than you’d otherwise experience. If you are at all concerned about power surges in your home due to frequently–downed powerlines or stormy weather, or even if you’ve never encountered such issues but want to be prepared, then schedule your whole–house surge protector services with us.

Why Opt for Whole–House Surge Protection?

The benefits of whole–house surge protection are many. While point of use surge protectors may be able to offer some protection for those devices that are plugged into them, a whole–house surge protector will protect—you guessed it—the entire house. This goes far beyond your handheld electronics and television, extending protection to systems such as your whole–house AC or furnace. In the event of a very serious power surge, such as when lightning touches down nearby and causes a surge, those little store–bought surge protectors are of little comfort. Plus, you must remember that electricity can enter the house in a number of ways, including through landlines. A surge protector plugged into an outlet won’t offer any protection in such instances.

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When you really need your surge protector, it is going to be in an event that you could not foresee. Make sure that your surge protector is actually offering you the level of protection that you expect from it. You can do so by hiring our Super Techs to not only complete your surge protector installation, but to help you to choose the right surge protection system for your home to begin with. Once we’ve done so, we are sure to get the installation completed properly, so that you won’t have to worry about costly electrical damages and burnt–out appliances when next you encounter a power surge in your home.

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