Your Generator, Your Heater, and You

Your Generator, Your Heater, and You

While the weather might not be at its coolest right now, lower temperatures are on their way. What’s more, harder weather is on its way as well such as strong wind and rain. But this cold and wet weather doesn’t scare you much because you have a good, hearty heater to keep your home warm, right?

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Yes, of course! That is, until the power goes out because of a power outage or a tree taking down an electrical wire. Losing power during a time of cold weather is less than pleasant, made even worse when you don’t have a reliable or easy way to get the lights back on. There is a solution to this thankfully: a whole-house generator.


Whole-House Vs. Portable Generators

Some of you may be saying, “Wait a minute I have a portable generator in the garage so I’m good to go!” While this generator might help keep the lights on in one room, it isn’t going to provide you with the same power that a whole-home system can. What’s more, we doubt anyone enjoys having to drag that thing upstairs, keep gas on hand for it, and do their best to keep the fumes out of the house while it runs.

Here’s the contrast you will want to know about: Whole home generators are installed to be connected to your electrical grid. This means that, when the power goes out, your generator is only going to need a second to boot up before it turns everything in your house back on because it can detect a loss of power in the home. Even better, these systems run on natural gas so as long as you have a gas line to your house, this generator has the fuel it needs, no refills necessary.

Oh, and did we mention that your whole-home generator has the ability to keep the entire home running? You might not be able to have the same internet speed that you might prefer, but the lights will stay on along with the fridge and other large appliances…like your heater.

How Your Generator Helps Your Heater

As we mentioned a moment ago, a whole-home generator is going to have the ability to keep your home running close to its normal state when the power goes out. This is especially helpful when it comes to staying comfortable.

Because your generator can continue to feed energy to your furnace, it is going to allow your furnace to keep doing its job, keeping your home warm and comfortable when you need it the most. What’s more, it will reduce the chances that you will need a heating repair in Spring Valley, NY because a short circuit damaged your heating system.

If you are looking for more information about whole-home generator installation, or you need some assistance with a faulty heater before the weather gets even cooler, we can help.

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