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Your Generator in Nanuet: Make Sure to Schedule Maintenance


A whole-house generator is one of the best “insurance policies” you can have for the comfort and safety of your family. Even if you never need to use your generator to power your home during a long-term winter outage, you will have valuable peace of mind that your family will be safe should one happen.

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However, you will only have that peace of mind if you know that the generator will be able to do its job when the time comes. If a whole-house generator sits unused for a few seasons, perhaps a few years, it will start to develop malfunctions that will lead to it struggling to come on and stay on, and it may not turn on at all.

Don’t let your home generator fail you when you need it the most: make sure to schedule twice-yearly maintenance visits from electrical professionals to inspect the system and locate any tune-ups or repairs it may need. Call Design Air Inc to schedule a maintenance visit for your generator in Nanuet, NY.

The Importance of Generator Maintenance

Generators are built sturdy—they have to be, since they will most likely need to operate during harsh weather conditions. However, as a generator remains unused for long stretches of time, it can start to suffer from deterioration. If the generator uses stored heating fuel (instead of a natural gas line), the fuel can become stale over time if it isn’t changed. The engine of the generator, much like a car engine, requires fresh oil and proper lubrication, and the oil will need to be changed once a year (usually after the end of the storm season) and the lubrication checked. There are also numerous electrical connections that can come loose.

During a maintenance visit, a technician will perform a test run on the system to see that it is generating the right amount of power to run the appliances in your home that you need in case of an outage. The technician will then check on the oil, the lubrication, the battery, and the fuel or the gas line connection. After the maintenance visit, you will have a whole-house generator prepared to protect your home and family for another season.

We advise two annual maintenance visits for your generator, one in preparation for storm season, and one done immediately afterwards. Our technicians at Design Air Inc have done many installations and repairs for generators and are experienced with handling their maintenance needs. Give us a call today to arrange maintenance, and remember that if you need emergency repairs for your whole house generator in Nanuet, NY, they are available with 24-hour emergency service.