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Your Choices for Furnaces


Furnaces have a long history, going back to the first ovens. Throughout the centuries, furnaces have relied on many fuel sources, starting with wood. But when it comes to the modern furnace, there are a few choices: the most popular are natural gas power and electrical power. We’ll go over these two options to help you get started deciding which one to select as your furnace in Pearl River, NY.

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Natural Gas Furnace

These furnaces are the most popular in modern homes. Gas furnaces use the municipal gas supply to a home to light burners inside the furnace cabinet. The hot combustion gas transfers to the air through a heat exchanger, and this air then moves through the ducts.

The main advantage of a gas furnace is that natural gas is a less expensive energy source than electricity; you will likely spend less on your heating bills with a gas furnace in your home. Gas furnaces also have superior heating effectiveness, capable of reaching high temperatures to combat the worst cold, and they heat up much faster than an electric furnace. They do, however, present a possible safety risk from carbon monoxide leaks, although a properly maintained furnace will rarely cause any problems.

Electric Furnace

An electric furnace uses a home’s power supply to heat up coils inside heating elements that warm up air for distribution. The huge advantage that electric furnaces have is they can be installed in any home, where gas furnaces must have a gas line to the house.

Electric furnaces tend to have longer lifespans than gas furnaces, and they cost less to install, which somewhat offsets their more expensive power costs. They are usually smaller as well, and easier to fit into a pre-existing home. They present few dangers since they do not use toxic gas to operate. However, they take longer to warm up.

What Is My Best Option?

This depends on your home. If you don’t have a natural gas line, then an electric furnace is the way to go. (You can also opt for a heat pump or an electric boiler.) If you do have a natural gas line, we usually recommend going with a gas furnace… although there are other circumstances in a home to consider that can affect the decision. This is why having professional assistance for choosing a furnace in Pearl River, NY is so important.

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