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Your Choices for Boiler Outlets


Boilers were the first modern centralized heating systems, making their debut in the late 1800s. Boilers are still very heating system choices for homeowners, both for their efficiency and their gentle heating. But another benefit of using a boiler system is the ability to choose from different kinds of outlets for the heating. You can even combine different outlets for maximum comfort. The heating experts from Design Air, Inc., have years of experience working with boiler systems, and can help you determine which heating outlets will best fit with your system and your home.

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The Choices

There are three main choices for heating outlets when using a boiler to heat your home:

  • Hydronic radiant floor heating – known also as just “radiant heating,” hydronic radiant floor heating gives you warm, toasty floors in the middle of winter. This type of heating outlet requires a specific layout of PEX tubing under flooring. The tubing can be attached directly to subflooring, or it can be set in cement that hardens into a radiant slab (ideal for bathrooms and mud rooms). The hot water flows through the tubes, releasing heat.
  • Radiators – we’ve all seen radiators, and typically associate them with older homes. While older homes are more likely to have radiators, many of today’s homes can benefit from radiators as well. Radiators allow the hot water from your boiler to flow through metal tubing inside the radiator, and the heat radiates throughout the room. Radiators should be maintained every fall along with your heating system.
  • Baseboard heating – baseboard heat is similar to heat coming through radiators as the water flows through a straight metal tube inside of the baseboard radiator. However, as the name indicates, the radiator is placed on the floor against the baseboard of your room, so baseboard radiators are narrower than regular radiators, but they can stretch much further.

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