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Your Air Conditioner Will Tell You When It Needs to Be Replaced


Summer is on its way here in New City, NY, and before the temperatures get too hot, you should make a careful evaluation of your air conditioning system and determine if the time has come to replace it. That allows you to install a new unit now, if you need it, and avoid dealing with an unexpected breakdown in the middle of summer. Generally speaking, you should begin making that assessment as soon as the warranty expires, though yearly maintenance and careful use can extend its lifespan well beyond then. Don’t use the warranty as a measuring stick to determine whether you need to put your system out to pasture or not. Instead, look for one of the two following signs: both of which are related to cost.

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Multiple Repairs

Most people use the comparative price of repairing an older unit as a good sign to replace the old unit. That can mean an unusual number of repairs within the last year, but it could also mean one single repair bill that you think costs more than the unit is worth. A new unit may be a better use of your money than keeping an old and broken system propped up.


In some cases, it doesn’t even require a breakdown to prompt a replacement for your old air conditioner. Over time, individual parts suffer from wear and tear, and swapping them out with new ones will become less and effective as the years roll on. You eon necessarily see signs of this in the air conditioner’s overall function, but you will most definitely see it in your monthly bills: growing higher and higher each summer. Eventually, the sheer cost of running the system will get so bad that you’ll need to replace it just to give your monthly budget a break.

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