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Why You Should Replace Your Old Boiler Even if It’s Still Working


Boilers are great heating systems: they can outlast almost any other system provided they receive annual maintenance and prompt repairs. But boilers do not improve over time: they aren’t like wine. There will come a point in a boiler’s lifespan where it should probably get replaced, even if it is still quietly doing its job sending hot water through a house. In this post, we’ll look at why you may want to replace an older boiler even if it is still functioning.

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  • Reduced efficiency: Look over your heating bills from the last few years. Have they started to rise steadily? If so, then your boiler might be the reason: it is becoming too aged to do as efficient a job as it once did. You may still feel the same level of heat coming from your radiators or baseboards, but the boiler needs to drain more energy to provide that warmth. A new model is a more cost-efficient solution.
  • Take advantage of new technology: Boilers continue to improve with HVAC technological advances. If your boiler is over 20 years old, it is probably far less efficient, with a lower AFUE rating, than a contemporary model of the same size. You will see a huge jump in savings with a new model that incorporates modern advances.
  • Avoid a breakdown: Eventually, your old boiler will stop working, and having to schedule an emergency installation is inconvenient. If you’ve enjoyed a few more years from your boiler beyond the manufacturer’s suggested lifetime, then you’ve already gotten a great bargain out of it. Schedule installation now for a smooth transition.

Whatever your reasons for replacing your old boiler, make sure you have your new system in Suffern installed with the help of experts so that you end up with the right sized boiler working the way it should. When you purchase a boiler from Design Air Inc, we provide discounts on your maintenance plans so your new boiler will last as long­—if not longer—than your last one. Call us today: we offer free estimates for all new heating systems.