Why You Always Need a Great Generator

Why You Always Need a Great Generator

Have you ever experienced a storm that was bad enough to make you worry about the power going out? Or maybe you’ve been sitting at dinner when suddenly you found yourself sitting in the dark and trying to remember where the candles were.

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If this situation sounds familiar, you may want to consider installing a whole-house generator in Pearl River, NY. These handy systems help keep the lights on when inclement weather decides to cut the power.

If you aren’t sure that a whole house generator could be a good choice for your home, let us give you some information on the benefits of having one.


What is a Whole-House Generator?

A whole house generator, also called a standby generator, is one that is permanently installed outside of your home. This generator type is hooked up to the natural gas line so it always has a source of power.

Benefits of a Whole House Generator

There are a few different benefits to having a whole house generator around when the power goes out. These include:

Never Worry About Setting Up

A whole house generator is hooked up to your electrical grid meaning it monitors the power going into your home. When this systems detects a power loss, it automatically turns on. This saves you the trouble of having to set up a portable generator in the dark…or in the rain or snow!

Standby Generators Run Longer

Because these generators are hooked up to a natural gas line, they are able to run for an extended period of time. This means you won’t have to worry about running out to get more gas to top off your system in order to keep the house warm in the middle of a snowstorm.

If You Have a Sump Pump It Will Keep Running

Your sump pump protects your home from potential flooding during those winter storms. However, without power, these vital systems can’t do their job. With a whole house generator though, your sump pump will keep your home nice and dry because it will stay powered.

Generators Help Protect Your Loved Ones

An increasing number of homeowners now share a home with their parents and children. For those with seniors and young kids in the home, keeping the heat on during the colder months is vital as icy temperatures can put these loved ones at risk.

Generating a Service Request

If you already have a whole house generator in your home then you know how important it is. You should also know how vital it is to keep this system in good working order. Regular maintenance and professional repairs help to keep your generator in shape so it runs flawlessly when you need it the most.

If you have had enough of struggling with a portable generator, or are in the process of getting a whole house generator for a newly built home, you should know how important proper installation of this system is.

Whether you need installation, maintenance, or other services for your generator, make sure you reach out to the pros at EB Design Air Inc. for assistance.

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