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Why Use Modular Rooftop Commercial HVAC Units?


Commercial HVAC systems differ in a number of ways from residential units, in part because your business is so dependent on a comfortable environment. Whether you run a retail business with a lot of customers or just an office space where employees need to be comfortable, you need a unit that not only does the job, but does so with the maximum attention to resources and efficiency. That starts with a good company who can not only install a commercial HVAC system, but swiftly repair it whenever it breaks down. Part of that efficiency also means using modular air conditioning and heating units: multiple units of a like size, usually placed on the roof of the building to do their jobs. Why use modular rooftop commercial HVAC units? Here are a few reasons.

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  • Space. HVAC systems take up a lot of space, which can be better used for a number of other things: work stations, storage, even parking space. Placing the HVAC system on the roof frees up that space without skimping on the controlled temperatures you need.
  • Limited Repairs. Modular units mean that no single unit is responsible for heating and cooling. If repairs are needed, they’re usually needed on one or two units at the most, leaving the rest free to continue doing their job without interruption, and keeping your business comfortable throughout.
  • Adjustable. Modular units can easily have their power levels increased or decreased to meet the changing needs of your business. You simply add or subtract more units, then connect them to the rest of the system. And because they’re on the roof, you can do that without disrupting operations within the building itself.

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