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Why Surge Protection Is Important


People have more electronics and high-end appliances than ever, and these items are not inexpensive. This is why the average insurance claim for damage due to an electrical surge averages $4300 per claim. Many people use power strips to protect belongings like televisions, computers and other electronics, but these strips don’t protect nearly as much as needed, nor will they do anything for your electrical system or large appliances like dishwasher and refrigerators. This is one of the main reasons why you need to have adequate, whole home surge protection.

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Whole Home Protection vs. Point-of-Use

Power strips, also known as a Type 3 surge protector, are point-of-use protectors because they only provides protection for those items plugged into the strip. The protection is nominal because the strip shuts down only when it detects a surge, and some of the surge may be able to reach to the items you have plugged into the strip.

Whole home protection is far more effective. There are two types of whole house surge protection: Type 1 and Type 2. A Type 1 surge protector is a component installed on the main electrical line coming into your home in front of your electrical meter. A Type 2 surge protector is similar, but is installed behind your home’s electrical meter.

The reason whole home surge protectors are far more effective is that they ground an electrical surge before it can ever enter your home. Surges can carry as many as 40,000 extra amps into your home – keep in mind that your electrical box handles a maximum of 200 amps. This is why whole home surge protection is the way to go.

If you have lost personal belongings because of a power surge, you know how easily damage can occur. And the damage isn’t limited to your items; your electrical system can be damaged as well as security systems and large home appliances. Let the electrical pros from Design Air Inc., help you protect your home and belongings in Nanuet, NY with whole home surge protection.