Why Is My Heater Making That Noise?

Why Is My Heater Making That Noise?

Getting through the winter season in New York state can be a feat. Thankfully with a reliable heating system you should be able to rely on your home providing you with a good safe haven from the cold. That is, you should be able to rely on your heater if it doesn’t need a heating repair in Pearl River, NY.

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One way to tell that you need to reach out to a professional for repairs is when your heater starts to make odd noises. No heater should be completely silent when it runs but there are plenty of sounds your system is supposed to make either.


7 Noises You Don’t Want to Hear From Your Heater

Let’s be clear: when we say you don’t want to hear these noises, it doesn’t mean you should ignore them if they pop up. Instead, you should reach out for professional service as soon as you notice one of these sounds coming from your system.

  • Rattling: When you run your heater next time, listen for any type of rattling noise. This is often created by loose parts that are shaking around in their housing such as loose bolts or screws. Make sure to address this noise before it escalates.
  • Clanging: What does rattling escalate into? It can turn into a clanging noise created by those loose parts finally breaking free of their housing. At that point, a screw or bolt will begin to bounce around in your heater which will create some serious damage if it isn’t stopped quickly.
  • Screeching: If you have a loose fan blade, you may start to hear a screeching noise from your heater too. This sound is created by the fan blades scraping around in their housing. Metal scraping metal doesn’t make for pleasant noises!
  • Buzzing or humming: When you turn on your heating system, do you hear a buzzing or humming sound coming from it? This may indicate electrical troubles within your system. Make sure to have a professional check your system to find the cause of this noise.
  • Hissing: Don’t mistake hissing for the whoosh of air from your heating unit. Hissing can indicate issues like a clogged air filter that is hindering airflow. It can also be a sign of a refrigerant leak in a heat pump.
  • Banging: If you have a ducted heating unit, you may start to notice a banging noise at the start and end of its cycle. This sound may be your ductwork expanding and contracting as it heats and cools. If this noise is concerning, you may want to reach out to a pro to make sure your unit isn’t oversized.
  • Silence: While a noisy heater may be immediately concerning, a quiet one can sometimes be overlooked. Don’t fall into this trap. If you turn on your heater and you don’t hear anything, have a professional come to check things out. A silent heater is one that isn’t operating properly or isn’t running at all!

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