Why Generator Maintenance Is Vital

Why Generator Maintenance Is Vital

It sits outside your house quietly and out of use for the majority of the time. But, much like an alarm system or your smoke detector, your whole-house generator is there to hop into action when the time comes. For your smoke detector, that moment comes when you need to be alerted to a fire risk. For your generator, the time comes when there is an interruption in the flow of power to your home.

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Your whole-house generator sits on standby until you need it (hence why these are also known as stand generators). The idea is that should there be a loss of power to your home, your generator is going to be able to jump in to keep things in the house running without interruption. But you can’t guarantee this will be the case without generator maintenance in Pomona NY.


Wait, My Generator Needs Maintenance?

It may come as a surprise that your generator needs maintenance service. However, just as your AC benefits from a regular tune-up, your generator is going to operate more reliably with maintenance. This is vital even if your system has been sitting unused for over a year.

Maintenance will help address any issues that have appeared due to use or lack thereof. This service needs to be provided by a professional technician like the ones at EB Design Air Inc.

How Regular Expert Maintenance Helps

We encourage you to schedule maintenance for your whole-house generator but maybe you aren’t sure if it is worth it. How does a tune-up for this standby system really help? We are happy to tell you.

  • Maintenance will find and address issues that might become repair issues. Maintenance is a service that allows a professional technician to check every part of your system for any potential issues. This means they should catch small problems and address them before they are able to escalate into repair needs that would leave you in the dark otherwise.
  • It provides you with better reliability when you need the system. When you regularly schedule maintenance for your generator it is going to increase the system’s reliability of that generator. This means you won’t have to worry about your backup system giving out while the power outage is still going on.
  • Maintenance will increase energy efficiency when the generator runs. You shouldn’t have to spend an arm and a leg to keep the lights on and the fridge running while the local power is out. Maintenance ensures your generator is running efficiently so it is cost-effective while it is in use.
  • It ensures the maximum lifespan of the system. Whole-house generators provide great reliable power when your power goes out. You want to enjoy that reliability for as many years as possible. Regular maintenance ensures you can.

When you have a whole-house generator, professional maintenance is important to remember to keep your system running properly.

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