Why Do I Have Burnt Outlets?

Why Do I Have Burnt Outlets?

Unless you are out getting BBQ and you specifically order brisket burnt ends, there is likely nothing else that you want in your life that is burnt. And this doesn’t just apply to food. No one likes being burned by a hairdryer or hot stove for example. And you don’t want burnt outlets in your house.

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We’d like to pause there for a moment though. Sometimes burnt outlets are brushed off as a sign of age. Burnt or scorched outlets are a sign of an issue with your home’s electrical system. While we can’t do much to help with a burn on your hand, we can solve the problem causing your burnt outlets. All you need to do is call us.


Like we said above, burnt anything is never good unless you specifically want your food that crispy. Discovering one or more burnt outlets in your house is never something to ignore or brush off. It isn’t normal and it is not something you want to see in your house, no matter how old it is. Burnt outlets are a sign of a problem within your electrical system that may be escalating and putting your home at risk.

What Causes Burnt Outlets?

The short answer of what causes burnt outlets is excess heat caused by electrical arcing. But that is merely the result of a bigger problem. The issue on hand is, of course, what is causing electrical arcing. Here are some potential causes that you might be dealing with:

  • Bad wiring: We see a lot of problems created by poor electrical wiring jobs. While we understand that DIY solutions may seem like an easier or more affordable route they never really pay off. Incorrectly installed wiring is often the main cause of burnt outlets in the house as they are more susceptible to creating electrical arcing. This is can be avoided when you schedule your appointment for electrical wiring in Suffern, NY with a professional electrician like ours.
  • Overloaded circuits: This can most often be a problem in older homes but newer homes are still at risk too. When the demand for electricity in your home is too high for your electrical panel and electrical wiring to handle, your system can become overheated. In fact, it could become so hot that it starts to melt or burn the things around it, such as the outlets in your home. If the issue causing your burnt or scorched outlets is overloaded circuits it may be time to look into an electrical panel upgrade or see if you can get better electrical wiring in your home.

Whether you have flickering lights, burnt outlets, or frequently tripped circuits, electrical issues of all kinds can be a pain to deal with. Thankfully, you don’t have to deal with electrical issues by yourself–and you shouldn’t! Close the DIY YouTube video and call a professional instead for a real solution.

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