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Why a Subpar Air Conditioning Installation is So Detrimental: A Nyack AC Tip


Like many regions of New York, Nyack experiences a lot of heat and humidity in the summer time. A reliable air conditioning system is absolutely vital to combating the heat. It provides an escape from soaring temperatures and thus makes your home a nice place to be at the end of a long day. Subpar air conditioning installation – whether performed on the cheap or simply by someone who neither cares nor knows what he’s doing – can be extremely detrimental to your comfort and pocketbook.

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Subpar air conditioning installation often means using improper materials that will wear out or break well before they should. Sealants, fittings, coolant lines and even air filters can easily create leaks in the system if they aren’t up to par, wasting cool air and forcing the air conditioning to work harder to keep your house cool. An installer who doesn’t take proper care may also introduce dirt or other pollutants into the system, which can further impact the unit’s efficiency. A poorly installed drain pan can result in a build-up of condensed water, which leads to mold or a spill over into other parts of the air conditioning.

Then there’s the matter of size. An air conditioning unit that is too small for your home will struggle to cool your space adequately. One that’s too large will often turn off before fulfilling one of air conditioning’s big secondary functions – removing humidity from the air – leaving your home clammy and uncomfortable. A subpar air conditioning installation may not take the size of your home into account, leaving you with an AC that’s ill-suited to your living conditions.

All of these issues can lead to substantial repair bills down the line, as well as an increase in your monthly electric bills. You can avoid a subpar air conditioning installation by speaking with a licensed professional technician with the experience to do the job right: someone who will give you your money’s worth rather than cutting corners to save a few bucks. Call on the professionals at Design Air Inc. to install your air conditioning properly. Our HVAC technicians are fully certified and we service homes in Nyack, NY and throughout the surrounding area.