When to Call for Generator Service

When to Call for Generator Service

The family is here, the turkey is in the oven, the tea kettle is heating up and the conversation is flowing. It is great to see everyone and it seems like absolutely nothing can hinder the good mood.

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That is, until the lights go out.

Thankfully you have a whole-house generator installed that will allow the party to keep going. At least, you thought so. But then you realize that the lights are still out. Aren’t whole house generators supposed to start on their own?

Realizing this at the worst possible time isn’t fun. That is why scheduling a maintenance appointment for your standby generator, before the party starts, is the best thing to do. This will help you avoid costly, emergency electrical repair in Nanuet.

All you need to do is know when to call.


How To Tell Your Generator Needs Service

You may be thinking that it is impossible to tell when your generator needs to be serviced. After all, you won’t know there is a problem until it doesn’t work when you need it to, right?

Actually wrong. All you have to do is look for some of the key signs we’ve listed below that will indicate you need to call a professional to provide maintenance or repairs for your stand-by generator.

#1 – Worn or Damaged Electrical Components

When you examine your generator, look for frayed wires, loose connectors or sticking buttons, along with any potential issues with your battery voltage. These issues can sometimes seem like they aren’t that worrisome but in actuality they can easily prevent your generator from doing its job. Identifying any issues with your generator’s electrical components should prompt a call to a trained electrician.

#2 – Leaks

As your system ages, it raises the risk that it will develop a leak. This can include leaking hoses, storage pans, or fuel lines. Make sure you look around you generator and watch for signs of a leak such as oil or coolant. If you spot a puddle that looks like it is coming from your generator, you will want to get it addressed quickly.

#3 – Problems with Starting Up

When you do a walk-around to check your generator, you will also want to check to see how well it starts up. If you turn it on and discover it either doesn’t start at all or starts but has trouble continuing to run, it means your system needs service. Unsurprisingly, your whole-house generator’s battery could end up getting drained after sitting around without being used for extended periods or time, or it could have sustained hidden issues that a professional will need to identify. Problems with turning on is a definite reason to call an electrician.

When you discover that your generator needs maintenance, repairs, or even a full replacement, make sure you reach out to a professional electrician like those at EB Design Air Inc. We’ve been in business since 1984 and we guarantee our work.

Contact the team at EB Design Air Inc. to schedule your next service appointment for your whole house generator.