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What to Look for in a Good Air Conditioning Service


Summers in Nanuet, NY can be quite brutal and without a quality air conditioner, you may find yourself at the mercy of the heat and humidity just when you need your home to be comfortable. A good air conditioning service can be your best friend in that regard, and there are a number of quality companies in the area. But how can you tell which one will provide you with reliable service, and which one merely wants to take you for a ride? The specifics vary, but in general, there are some key factors you can look for when hunting for a good air conditioning service.

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There’s nothing wrong with being a company with just a few years of service under your belt, and many of them may provide excellent service for their customers. We all started somewhere, after all. But the longer a company is in business, the more reliable they tend to be, and the larger network of repeat customers they can build up. A company that has been in business for many years usually has a track record you can count on.


Any company can come and service your air conditioner, but how long with those repairs stick? Will you need to call them again in a few months or even weeks with the same problem, or can you rest easy knowing that it has been taken care of? A quality company backs their work with guarantees, ensuring that your air conditioner gets repaired the right way the first time.

Emergency Services

Air conditioners can break down at any time and not all of the repair issues are thoughtful enough to take place during normal business hours. A quality service will offer emergency repairs to handle problems day or night, including holidays and weekends to ensure you’re not left holding the bag when you really need your system to do the job.

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