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What to Expect During an Energy Audit in Suffern, NY


An energy audit is one of the most useful services you can arrange for a home. Skilled energy auditors perform a full survey of the home’s insulation, heat sealing, HVAC system, and energy-using appliances to find all the places where the building is losing energy and costing you money as well as adversely effecting your comfort. With the assistance of an energy audit in Suffern, NY, you will receive a detailed rundown on all the improvements for your home that will stop energy loss and lower your bills.

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Design Air Inc offers professional energy auditing services, as well as the installations and repairs that will help you have the most energy-efficient living space possible. Whether you need HVAC repairs or weatherization, we can deliver the assistance you need for energy savings.

What You Can Expect During an Energy Audit

No two energy audits are the identical, because no two houses are identical. However, there are some standard steps that you can expect to happen during an energy audit at your home:

  • Blower door testing: This is a key test to find out where there are air leaks in a house. A blower door attaches to the open door frame of the front door of the house, and uses a powerful fan to lower the indoor pressure. The technicians make sure that all other doors and windows are closed, and when the pressure drops, they use smoke-pencils to detect spots in the house where air starts to flow inside to the low-pressure area.
  • Insulation check: The auditors look over the insulation in walls and the attic to see that it has not suffered from damage or age and properly blocks heat from exiting or entering the house.
  • Ventilation inspection: The auditors will make a thorough check of the ductwork connected to your HVAC system to see that it isn’t losing heat or air pressure through leaks and breaks, and that there is no excessive contamination inside the ducts that will lower the system’s efficiency.
  • Electrical appliances: Every major energy-using appliance in the home will receive a check to see that there are no malfunctioning or outdated appliances that are wasting energy.
  • Thermal scanning: The auditors use an advanced thermal scanner on the outside of the house to identify any other places where the building may be losing or gaining heat.

With all these tests and inspections finished, the auditors present the homeowner with a detailed report on the home’s energy efficiency, targeting places where it can be improved. The auditors will suggest installations and repairs that will help reduce energy loss in the future.

At Design Air Inc, we don’t want you to pay more to heat and cool your home than you have to, or to have wasteful appliances. Contact our technicians for an energy audit in Suffern, NY today.