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What to Do After You’ve Run Your Generator


We’re all still digging out after the blizzard that socked the East Coast this weekend, and here in New City, NY, it means a number of households may have had to use a generator to maintain power after the lights have gone out. Hopefully, your home came through with flying colors and your generator performed exactly as you needed it to. Now is the time to take several additional steps to ensure that your generator continues to run well the next time a crisis hits.

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Restock Your Fuel

Generators run on fuel and you may have used quite a bit of it during this latest blizzard. As soon as you are able, you should step out and purchase more fuel to replenish what you have lost. That ensures that – if another crisis strikes tomorrow – your generator can continue to perform the way you need it to. Ideally, you should also be aware of the fuel consumption ratio of your generator, and now is an excellent time to gauge how much it has used in a real world situation. That lets you determine how much you may need the next time a problem rolls around.

Schedule a Maintenance Session

Maintenance sessions should be performed once or twice a year as a matter of course, but it may have been some time since your last one. The combination of lack of use for your generator followed by sudden constant use can create problems and issues that a trained professional can address by giving your generator a thorough examination. That allows him or her to note any wear and tear, correct any issues like loose bolts or fittings and ensure that your system is ready to go when the next blizzard hits town.

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