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What Is a Cooling Load Calculation and Why Is It Important?


Every home needs a specific amount of cooling to be comfortable, and achieving this level of comfort is totally dependent on having the right-sized whole home air conditioning unit. How do you make sure your air conditioner is correctly sized? You have a trained technician from Design Air, Inc., help you calculate your home’s cooling load. There are a number of factors that are part of calculating the cooling load for your home in New City, NY, including:

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  • Daytime heat gain – how much thermal heat your home gains throughout the day
  • The orientation of your home – the direction in which your home faces plays a large role in daytime heat gain
  • Levels of insulation from top to bottom – insulation plays a large role in stopping heat transfer, so it’s critical to know how much and what type(s) of insulation you have
  • Floor plan – an open floor plan will conduct cool air very differently from one that has many closed rooms and walls
  • Number and types of windows and doors – insulated windows and doors have a big impact on retaining the cool air in your home
  • Number of stories – warm air rises, so it’s important to factor in the number of stories of your home
  • Number of occupants – people generate heat, which will affect the cooling in your home
  • Square footage – size relates to the amount of space your cooling needs to adequately cover

Why Is All This Important?

Every single one of these factors can and will affect your home’s cooling. No one wants a system that is too small because then it won’t be able to provide the cool air you need. A system that is too large will cool the air too quickly, disabling it from properly dehumidifying your home. This will leave your living spaces feeling cool and clammy.

If you are concerned about properly sizing your new whole home air conditioning system in New City, NY, give the experts at Design Air, Inc., a call today and schedule an appointment for load calculating.