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What Do I Need to Know about Installing Solar Panels?


Solar energy is one of the best ways to achieve low-cost power to your home while benefiting the environment. Solar panels on the roof of your home will capture the radiant power of the Sun—a 100% free and renewable source of energy—and change it into electrical energy that can run anything from a water heater to your HVAC system and lights.

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We know that choosing to convert to a solar energy system in Spring Valley, NY is a major decision, and one you may shy away form because of the costs, planning, and labor involved. We’d like to assure you that solar energy is worth the investment, and it isn’t as difficult to install as you imagine—provided you have excellent trained solar installers on the job.

Here are a few important things to know about the installation of solar panels for your home that may help you make the choice. Call Design Air Inc to find out in greater detail what the work for your home will involve. We have many years of experience with helping homeowners “go green” with energy efficiency solutions.

Here’s What You need to Know About Solar Panel Installation

Solar panels consist of photovoltaic (PV) cells, which create an electric current due to the photovoltaic effect whenever light strikes them. They can also gather scattered light, so it isn’t necessary for them to have full direct sunlight to work. PV panels have no moving parts, which makes them extremely long-lived. This is one of the reasons solar panels are an excellent installation: you have many years to enjoy the benefits of the panels after they are installed.

These PV panels are installed on your roof, although in some cases they can be placed on the ground, mounted on stands; it depends on the available space. You can choose whether your PV system runs entirely self-sufficiently, off the power grid; or if it uses a back-up connection from the grid when it is incapable of producing sufficient electricity. An off-grid PV system will require battery storage.

Proper installation requires knowing exactly how much power your home needs: are you only hooking up a solar water heater (which is a very good place to start when adjusting to solar power)? Or are you looking into powering the whole house? The installers will make the necessary calculations to determine the number of PV panels necessary to match your power needs.

The actual installation involves the installers first mounting the PV panels into a wooden framework, then placing the framework on the roof. They then make the electrical connections between the panels into your home’s electrical system and install the necessary batteries and connection to the grid (if the system uses a backup).

This work sounds complicated, and it is… but that’s why you call on solar power specialists to handle the job from the beginning. Call Design Air Inc today and let us handle your transition to solar energy in Spring Valley, NY.