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What Causes a Drop in Cool Air in My AC?


Here in Ramsey, NY, temperatures are starting to rise, which means that homeowners are turning their heaters down and their air conditioners up. It can be disconcerting, to say the least, to turn on your AC for the first time since last summer, only to find warm air coming out of your vents. A good air conditioning technician can hunt down the causes of the drop in cool air for your AC and correct it, but it’s helpful that you the homeowner understand some of the causes of it. We’ve prepared a short list below. The minute you spot any of these problems, turn your system off and call in a professional.

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  • Low Refrigerant. This is the number-one cause of low cooling levels, causing your coils to ice up and the efficiency of your system to go down. Leaks that spring up over the winter can take months to discover, which is why it’s important to move on them now, in the spring.
  • Control Board. The control board controls the compressor, playing a key role in the refrigerant’s ability to cool the air. If it’s malfunctioning, it can often leave the system ineffective and under considerable strain to boot.
  • Run Capacitor. The run capacitor stores an electrical charge used to keep the system running. If it has trouble, your air conditioner will engage in short cycling: turning on and off rapidly without cooling the home.
  • Dirty Condensers: The condenser coils on the outside part of your unit may become dirty over the summer, in which case you need to have them cleaned off before you run your system again. By preventing heat from dispersing, the dirty coils are affecting the cooling process. A maintenance session from a trained professional should fix the problem.

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