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What Are the Benefits of a Whole House Generator?


We have a very reliable power gird in New City, NY, and residents don’t have to fear extended problems with their electrical systems. But severe weather and human error can wreak havoc with that system, and while power outages don’t happen every day, you want to be prepared for the times when they do. A whole house generator can mitigate such disasters, and ensure your family’s safety and comfort in the process. What are the benefits of a whole-house generator? Read on for a few answers.

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Reliability and Safety

A whole house generator’s first job is to provide power for essential items in your home when the civic electricity goes out. This can include refrigerators and freezers, medical equipment, lights and heating equipment, among others. During a disaster, such appliances can be literal lifesavers, and the generator allows them to function as normal. The last thing you want to do is go out in a crisis to look for food or take a loved one to the hospital. Generators provide peace of mind when things are at their worst.


Our world is interconnected like never before, with satellite TV, internet service and even quaint old notions like radios keeping us in touch with each other. A generator can ensure power for such appliances, keeping you connected to loved ones and up to date on important news in a crisis.

Resale Value

On a more subtle note, whole-house generators provide a tangible improvement to your household, enabling you to improve the resale value of your house when the time comes to sell. In some circumstances, you might even be able to recoup the cost of installing the generator when the time comes to sell your house.

If you think a whole house generator may be right for your home, then call Design Air Inc. to set up a consultation. We’ll find the model that’s right for you and install it with courtesy and pride.