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What Are My Choices for Carbon Monoxide Detectors?


Carbon monoxide (CO) is one of the most dangerous gases around because it is undetectable to the human senses. This is why it is so important to have a CO detector in your home. Carbon monoxide can come from a number of home systems and appliances, including wood burning fireplaces and stoves, clothes dryers, combustion heating systems and combustion water heaters. The best, and only, guaranteed way to detect if you have unhealthy CO levels in your New City, NY, home is to use a carbon monoxide detector, and these are the main types available to homeowners:

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  • Stand-alone CO detectors – these types of carbon monoxide detectors plug in to single outlets, and many have a battery back-up. These detectors will sense any CO in the air, but they cannot interact with other systems in your home.
  • Combination detectors – you can kill two birds with one stone with this kind of detector, as this unit will protect you against fire and/or CO gas. Combination detectors come as stand-alone, interconnected, battery-operated or hardwired models. You can also choose a smart combination detector, which will interface with your smart devices.
  • Interconnected CO detectors – this type of carbon monoxide detector works with the other established systems in your home, such as smoke alarms, security systems or a home automation system. These types of detectors can be hardwired, wireless or plug in with battery back-up.

Which Is Best for You?

Working with a trained expert is the best way to ensure that you choose and install a carbon monoxide detector that will work with your home and offer the protection you need. Our Design Air Inc., experts can assess your home’s existing systems, help you choose the best CO detector for your home and install it. Helping you protect your loved ones is our priority, so if you need a carbon monoxide detector, call us today!