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What Are Geothermal Loop Systems? A Geothermal Question


Geothermal heating and cooling systems allow residents in  New City, NY and surrounding areas to use energy stored in the ground and in water on their property to heat and cool their homes. A geothermal loop system is necessary to harness this energy for use in your home. If you’re interested in using a geothermal system to heat and cool your home in a more efficient, eco-friendly manner, it is important that you understand some basic information about these loop systems. There are a few different designs, and the New City geothermal experts at Design Air will help ensure that you get the right loop system for your home.

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Closed Loop Systems

There are three types of ground loop systems – horizontal, vertical and pond/lake installments. Closed loop geothermal systems circulate an antifreeze solution through the closed loop, which is buried beneath the ground or submerged in a body of water on your property. A heat exchanger transfers heat between the antifreeze solution in the loop system and the refrigerant in the heat pump. In a horizontal closed loop system trenches are dug at least four feet deep in the ground. The loop system is installed in these trenches, and a method of looping pipe can allow for more pipe to be installed in a shorter trench.

Vertical loop systems are a good option for schools and commercial buildings, as less land is necessary for installation of the system than with a horizontal option. Holes are drilled into the ground, and pipes are inserted into these holes and connected at the bottom to form a loop. The drilling necessary can increase the cost of installation.

The cheapest option for a closed loop installation is generally a pond/lake loop system. An adequate body of water meeting certain volume and depth requirements is necessary. A supply line is run underground and submerged at least 8 feet underwater in coils.

Open Loop Option

If there is a suitable water supply on your property you may opt for an open loop system. With an open loop water itself is used as the heat exchange fluid. Water is circulated throughout the system and, when it has completed circulation, it is returned to the ground. Local codes and regulations may inform the suitability of this option.

We hope that this information has been helpful. At Design Air we believe consumers should be informed. If you have any other questions about geothermal loop systems, contact a professional at Design Air today.