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Ways to Lower Your Heating Bill


Heating during a New York winter can turn quite costly. But you don’t have to panic each time you receive your heating bill for the month; there are many ways you can lower those costs and still enjoy a comfortable environment in your home this season. We’ll share a few tips for lowering the cost of heating in Spring Valley, NY.

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Some tips to cut down those heating costs:

  • Maintain consistent, lower thermostat settings: A common mistake that homeowners make with their heaters is setting the thermostat too high because they believe it will mean the house will get warmer much faster. However, setting the thermostat to its maximum will only make the heater stay on longer until it reaches the set temperature—which wastes energy without providing any additional comfort. As an alternative, locate a comfortable lower temperature and stay with it during waking hours, then lower it further during sleeping hours.
  • Bolster your home’s insulation and heat sealing: Heat will find any place to escape from your house that it can; the more leaks in your home’s heat sealing, the more your heater will need to work to compensate for the escaping heat. To help prevent heat loss, caulk your windows and place weather stripping around your outside doors. Make sure the dampers in fireplaces are closed, and check the insulation in the attic, since this is one of the places where heat escapes the easiest.
  • Schedule regular maintenance: The most common cause for an increase in heating bills is a heater that hasn’t had maintenance. You heater requires regular check-ups and tune-ups in order for it to work at its most efficient. If you let maintenance go for more than a year, your heater will start to wear down and the mechanical parts will need to work harder to achieve the same level of heating. Most professional HVAC contractors offer regular maintenance programs, so you’ll never forget to have your annual visit.

Design Air Inc. offers different tiers of Maintenance and Service Agreements to fit your budget and your home comfort needs. We offer excellent service for heating in Spring Valley, NY, and can help you reduce those high heating costs this winter, and all the winters afterwards. Contact us today for maintenance, repairs, or installation.