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Ways to Keep Your Heater Working Properly


We’re in the throes of winter here in New City, NY, and your heater needs to be up and running more or less all the time. When repairs are needed, they tend to come most unexpectedly and often require a scramble to get properly addressed. Better than a repair session is to prevent a breakdown in the first place, and while no system is 100% foolproof, you can severely reduce the chances of a serious repair if you find ways to keep your heater working properly. Here’s a list of three of them, all of which can be completed quickly and easily.

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Change your Filters

The heater filters are designed to capture dust, hair and other contaminants as they blow through the system. When the filter becomes clogged, it slows down the flow of air to your home. Not only does that force your system to work harder and raise your monthly bills for the privilege, but the heat will stay trapped in your furnace, running the risk of a safety shutdown or overheated components if now safety shutdown exists.

Don’t Close the Vents

Closing the vents in your home has the same effect as not changing the filter: stopping the flow of heated air and leaving it trapped in the furnace itself. Closing the vents may seem like a good way to control the temperature individual rooms, but you could end up damaging the heater in the process.

Schedule a Maintenance Session

In addition to helping the heater perform more efficiently and last longer, a periodic maintenance session gives your service technician a chance to spot big problems when they’re still small and schedule a repair session before a shutdown forces you to lose heat.

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