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Understanding Boiler Operation


For a home heating option, boilers offer some enticing advantages: clean heat, low-cost installation and maintenance, few repair needs, and great longevity. The simple action of using heated water to provide warmth to a home is the secret of why boilers continue to be so popular with homeowners; sometimes the simplest way of getting heat is the best ways.

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To help you understand why boilers have so many benefits, we’ll explain basic boiler operation. For more information, or to schedule installation for a boiler in Stony Point, NY, contact our heating specialists at Design Air Inc today.

The basics of how a boiler heats your home

Boilers can run from a variety of fuel sources, including oil and electricity, but for the sake of brevity we will only examine the most common and energy-efficient type, the natural gas-powered boiler.

Boilers provide heat using water. The water runs through a closed loop in a house, and the heating process begins in the main water tank. A burner unit below the tank contains a series of jets connected to the gas main. A pilot light or an electric igniter activates the jets when the thermostat calls for heat. The high temperature from the jets transfers through a cast-iron heat exchanger to the bottom of the tank. The heated water rises through the tank, where a pump moves it out and into a system of pipes. The pipes circulate this hot water to terminal points within the house: radiators or baseboard heaters. The heat radiates into the house, and the cooled water returns to the tank through a dip tube that deposits it at the bottom of the tank to begin the cycle. The exhaust from the gas jets exits safely through a flue.

Is a boiler right for you?

Although boilers have many advantages, they are not automatically the best choice for a home. Boilers usually do not heat your home as quickly as a gas furnace, for example, and so depending on size and insulation in your home, a boiler may not be optimal.

How can you find out if you should invest in a boiler in Stony Point, NY? Ask the experts: Design Air Inc has a team of boiler installation and repair specialists available to assist with your decisions for heating. Call us today.