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The Temperature in Your Boiler and the Dangers of Overheating


Something that often surprises homeowners about their boilers is that they don’t actually “boil.” The energy applied to the water in the tank raises it to high levels, but not to the point that it converts the water into steam. Boilers originally did use steam heat to provide warmth—it was how they earned their name—and people still expect to see boilers in movies explode with geysers of steam when bullets puncture them. Steam boilers still exist, but they are usually found only in industrial buildings and the occasional home that has special high heating requirements.

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Your boiler shouldn’t get near to boiling temperature. We’ll take a look at actual boiler water temperature and why overheating will lead to repairs on your boiler in Pomona, NY. For more information about boiler maintenance and repairs, contact out specialists at Design Air Inc.

Temperature expectations for your boiler

The average setting for a gas-powered hot water boiler is 180°F. This provides the appropriate level needed for most cold weather temperatures. If you can raise the temperature manually, do not set it any higher than 210°F (which is often the limit), and try to remain down at 190°F if you need the extra heat. Once a boiler starts to go over 212°F, you can face serious problems.

Watch out for overheating

If you notice that your boiler’s temperature is going higher than the above settings, you have a major problem. If a boiler has reached 220°F, a sudden drop in pressure could cause the tank to burst.

Overheating also is the main cause of leaking. When the water temperature in the boiler becomes too high, it increases the water pressure throughout the system. This will cause breaks to begin occurring at valves and connectors. If your boiler has any issues with rust or corrosion that you haven’t remedied yet, the problem will become worse and could cause leaks to start along the tank itself.

There are different reasons for an increase in temperature in your boiler: excess sediment inside the tank, limescale developing along the tank interior from hard water, a broken fill-valve, or an aquastat malfunction. You need repair technicians to find out the cause and fix it before the problem grows worse.

Do not hesitate to call for repairs when your boiler begins to overheat. Design Air Inc has technicians standing by 24/7 to help repair your boiler in Pomona, NY should this occur. We also offer a 100% money-back guarantee. Call us today for service — don’t wait.