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The Importance of Proper Furnace Sizing: Spring Valley, NY Furnace Tip


In Spring Valley, NY, furnaces play an important role in keeping our homes warm and comfortable. But because we’re all accustomed to paying for proper heating, we’re not always aware of how much we’re wasting. For example, consider the need for proper furnace sizing. Furnaces which are too small for your space present obvious problems – they must work too hard and may not be able to heat your home properly. An oversized furnace may sound like a better idea initially – hey, it’s bigger so it must be more powerful, right? – but in truth, it could end up costing you a great deal as well.

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In simplest terms, an oversized furnace works too well. By warming up your house too quickly, it tends to cycle and off rapidly, which uses  unnecessary fuel and energy. That could end up costing you more than a unit which is too small. Either way, your house isn’t well served and all you get for your troubles is money out of pocket.

An improperly sized furnace also creates unnecessary wear and tear, as the small ones struggle to keep up with the load and the large ones kick on and off multiple times a day. Over the years, that can lead to high repair bills and decrease system life. Proper sizing avoids all of that, and helps your furnace heat your home with the maximum possible efficiency.

So how does one properly size a home for a furnace? Every home is unique, and as such has unique conditions that factor into the equation. It’s more than just measuring square footage. You must take into account such factors as the number of windows in your home, the amount of insulation and the presence of a basement.

If you think your furnace is the wrong size for your home, contact the experts at Design Air, Inc. We have considerable experience with proper furnace sizing, and can perform a thorough examination of your home to determine the best size for you. Contact us today for all your Spring Valley furnace needs.