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The Importance of Accurate Load Calculations: Suffern, NY Heating Tip


When you are planning to purchase a new home comfort system in Suffern, NY, whether it is a heating or air conditioning system, it is necessary that you enlist a highly qualified, skilled professional service provider to perform an accurate heating or cooling load calculation. This is the only way to ensure that your new home comfort system will be able to efficiently and effectively perform its function. Design Air has some information for you to consider about what a load calculation is, when you need one and why it is so important when scheduling the installation of a new heating or air conditioning system in your Suffern, NY home. If you have any further questions regarding load calculations or would like to schedule load calculation service, contact us for more information.

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What is a Load Calculation?

A load calculation is essentially the process by which the correct size of an air conditioning or heating system is determined in order for it to perform its function properly in your home. Without an accurate load calculation you will likely wind up with a system that is either too big or too small for your home heating and air conditioning needs. Neither is desirable. By taking into account a number of factors including the layout in your home, insulation conditions, square footage, exposure to sunlight and the number of windows your load calculation expert will be able to accurately determine the necessary size of the new home comfort system. This will allow you to heat and cool your home in an effective, efficient manner.

When Should I Schedule a Load Calculation?

It does not matter if you are purchasing a new heating or air conditioning system for the first time or if you are replacing an old system. If a new system is being installed in your home a load calculation is necessary. Factors change, technology changes, and even if you can provide your heating and cooling service provider with the make and model of your existing system a new load calculation should be completed. Just because your last system worked does not mean that it worked as well as possible.

Who Should I Call for My Load Calculation Service in Suffern, NY?

For homeowners in the Suffern, NY area, Design Air, Inc. is the company to call for all your load calculation needs. Let us help you heat and air condition your home effectively and efficiently. Call today to schedule service.