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The Different Types of Circuit Breakers for Your Home


You may not realize this, but the electrical flow that comes into your home from the utility company is a little on the wild side. What we mean is that electricity doesn’t naturally flow in a steady stream; it tumbles, spikes and drops, which is why it’s so important to have an updated electrical system in your home that includes a current electrical panel. Inside your electrical panel are boxes called circuit breakers, and there are 4 main types that your licensed electrician from Design Air, Inc., may use on your home in New City, NY.

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  • Single pole – this type of circuit breaker will be a single box, also known as a pole, that provides up to 120 volts at different amperages. The typical amount of amps this type of breaker uses is 15 to 20 and is ideal for things like lighting fixtures.
  • Double pole – as you can probably surmise from the name, a double pole or 2 pole breaker is two circuit boxes put together that can provide up to 240 volts of electricity. This size breaker can be used for household systems like your AC or for large appliances, like dishwashers and dryers.
  • Arc fault interrupters (AFCI) circuits – this type of breaker is a protective breaker that cuts off all power as soon as an electrical arc is detected; electrical arcs are commonly caused by problematic wiring.
  • Ground fault circuit interrupters (GFCI) – GFCIs cut power as soon as any kind of electrical short is detected; they will also re-direct a surge of electrical power to a safe ground.

It is imperative to always hire a licensed and trained electrician for any electrical work in your home, particularly for your electrical panel. If you need any help with your home’s circuit breakers or electrical panel, call us today!