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The Advantages of Heating with a Wood Stove


If you’re looking for a new way to heat your home, you may actually consider choosing an old reliable failsafe: a wood stove or fireplace. Wood burning is one of the oldest forms of heating, and homeowners who still rely on it continue to rave about its comforting effects.

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What’s more is that many home heating experts say that wood burning is still one of the most efficient means of heating. Homeowners can choose between installing freestanding wood stoves and installing inserts in existing fireplaces. Learn more about the benefits of wood burning fixtures in this brief guide.

The Benefits of a Wood Burning Stove

Many people love wood stoves partly because they add a stylish, vintage feel to any home. But one of the main advantages of burning wood is the level of comfort it delivers to a room. Your wood stove or fireplace offers an advanced level of comfort because heat fills a room. With traditional forced-air heating, it only heats the air, which may not be an ideal way to distribute heat as it can quickly dissipate from the home. And if you’re worried that a new wood stove won’t have enough power to heat your home, a wood-burning stove or fireplace can actually have enough BTUs for an entire home.

Furthermore, a wood stove can be extremely efficient. Wood-burning stoves and fireplaces rely on an all-natural fuel source which is readily available and sometimes free. The energy return usually greatly exceeds the initial investment, particularly if you’re replacing a heater that used oil. It reduces your carbon footprint so that you can feel better about using it in your home.


Finally, in many ways, wood-burning is safe for your home and healthy for your family members. As long as you choose professionals for installation and have your unit maintained once a year (this is necessary with any type of heating system), any potential carbon monoxide emissions vent safely to the outdoors. And the risk of a chimney fire is practically eliminated so long as an expert takes the right safety precautions.

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