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4 Signs You Have DIY Wiring

Monday, September 27th, 2021

Almost everyone has attempted to complete a DIY project for one thing or another. The question is how big of a DIY project it was. It’s one thing to try to repaint a bookshelf or build a chair, It’s another thing to try to perform electrical work on your own. When it comes to handling your electrical system we always advise that people leave this to the professionals.

We understand that there are plenty of people who decide to do their own wiring work. Unfortunately, we usually get calls about this because that DIY attempt didn’t work out quite right. Discovering that the person who was in your home before you attempted to DIY the wiring in the house can be frustrating especially when it starts causing problems. However, you can always come to us for expert electrical wiring in Pomona, NY to resolve the issue.

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Why Generator Maintenance Is Vital

Monday, July 5th, 2021

It sits outside your house quietly and out of use for the majority of the time. But, much like an alarm system or your smoke detector, your whole-house generator is there to hop into action when the time comes. For your smoke detector, that moment comes when you need to be alerted to a fire risk. For your generator, the time comes when there is an interruption in the flow of power to your home.

Your whole-house generator sits on standby until you need it (hence why these are also known as stand generators). The idea is that should there be a loss of power to your home, your generator is going to be able to jump in to keep things in the house running without interruption. But you can’t guarantee this will be the case without generator maintenance in Pomona NY.

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5 Ways To Get The Most From Your AC This Summer

Monday, June 21st, 2021

As we barrel into the hot summer season there is a lot that many people want to get the most of. This ranges from getting in as many in-person concerts as possible to trying to have the maximum number of get-togethers with family. When you are making these plans don’t forget to look for ways to get the most from your air conditioner too.

Incorporating some best practices into how you operate your air conditioner can help you enjoy your home a lot more this summer without having bills that make you sweat. Here are some tips to help you get the most from your air conditioning in Pomona, NY this season.

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Low Refrigerant Levels Aren’t a Normal Thing

Monday, June 7th, 2021

tech-maintenance-outdoor-unitAs professionals in the HVAC service industry, we run into our fair share of misconceptions and misinformation. It’s common to find homeowners who don’t quite have a full understanding of how their AC operates. That’s okay because that is what we are here for. However, there is one misconception we’d like to address so you know to contact us for help sooner than later.

Refrigerant does NOT get used up the way that gas does in a car.

We encounter this idea a lot and it is very wrong. It doesn’t mean you made a mistake, but rather that this is a relatively common misconception. Our job is to give you the info that addresses this misconception so you can take better care of your AC by knowing when to reach out for air conditioning repair in Pomona, NY.

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Generators Can Save Your Day

Monday, February 1st, 2021

What would you do if someone came up to you and told you to throw out all the food in your refrigerator. You’d probably think they were insane and go about your day. But when the power in your homes goes out this may be a situation you find yourself facing. That or you get to have a very large cold-cuts party to consume anything edible before it spoils.

It is a less than ideal situation that we’ve described but we have good news: it is avoidable. If you have a generator you should be able to avoid this issue and other hassles the next time the power goes out.

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3 Sounds That Indicate Your Heater Needs Help

Monday, November 9th, 2020

loud-noise-shocked-womanMany of us have spent an unprecedented amount of time at home this year. This has been great in some ways and a strain in others. It can be especially annoying if you are stuck in a home without a good comfort system. If you struggled to stay comfortable through summer, don’t let fall and winter continue the trend. You can instead work with our team to make sure that your heating system will keep your home optimally cozy when you need it the most.

One of the things that we always encourage out clients to do is to listen to what their heat pump is saying. No this doesn’t mean your heat pump should be holding a discussion with you. When we say listen to your heater, we mean listen for any sounds that warn your system needs heating repair in Pomona, NY.

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Sizing Your Whole-House Generator

Monday, March 7th, 2016

A new whole-house generator is a wise purchase any time of year, protecting you in the event of power outages no matter what the season. Winter blizzards and summer electrical storms can both wreak havoc on civic electrical grids, including towns like Pomona, NY. When that happens, your new generator will be worth its weight in gold, keeping vital appliances running no matter how long the power stays out.

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Problems Revealed During a Home Energy Audit

Wednesday, March 11th, 2015

How much are you spending each month for heating and air conditioning? For many homeowners, the HVAC equipment—especially the air conditioner—uses a lot of energy to run. In fact, in most cases, a home air conditioning system uses far more energy than it needs to because the conditions in your home do not allow it to run efficiently.

A home energy audit can help to significantly reduce the amount of energy you use each month. After an energy audit, technicians will recommend services that can improve the air quality in your home and the efficiency of your air conditioning and heating equipment. Call Design Air Inc for a home energy audit in Pomona today and prepare your air conditioning equipment for the warmer weather ahead. The following issues may be detected during an energy audit.

  • Air Leaks: A blower door test can help a technician to determine whether there are areas of the home through which air is escaping. This test uses a large fan and air pressure testing equipment to determine where air pressure levels are too low and wear weatherization or sealing would be most valuable.
  • Duct Leaks: If air leaks through the ductwork in your home, it moves into unoccupied spaces like an attic or crawlspace. This means that not all of the air your HVAC system creates reaches the rooms of your home, which means it takes longer to run and uses a lot of energy in the process.
  • Poor Indoor Air Quality: The filter in your HVAC system may not remove some of the largest and most problematic particles that could be in your air. Technicians may recommend that you install a new indoor air quality system after an energy audit.
  • High Humidity: High humidity levels in the home make people feel warmer than they are, so you may crank up your AC if you have humidity problems in your home, which can become a major energy drain.
  • Inefficient HVAC Equipment: Finally, a technician will let you know if it’s a good idea to upgrade your HVAC equipment, make repairs, or install a new thermostat for greater efficiency.

Call Design Air Inc today to schedule an energy audit for your home in Pomona, NY. Some homeowners end up saving hundreds of dollars each year after scheduling the necessary services.

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Repairs a Generator May Need

Friday, January 30th, 2015

If you have a whole-house generator, you’re protected from the cost and inconvenience of a power outage as long as your generator is working properly. Generators rarely run into trouble within their lifespan because they run so infrequently. A whole-house generator is hooked up to your gas supply and wired into your electrical system. As soon as it senses that there is no longer an electrical current running through your home, it kicks in within a matter of seconds, powering nearly every appliance in your home if you’ve chosen a generator with a large enough capacity.

While generator should not run into repairs often, there may come a day that you notice damage or improper operation during a test run. If this unfortunate circumstance occurs, be sure to schedule repairs for your Pomona generator with the professionals at Design Air Inc.

Some Common Repairs

The following repairs are some of the most common that electricians see.

  • Electrical Repairs: The wiring may fray or corrode over time, or it’s possible that it was not wired properly in the first place. Spark plugs may also fall victim to corrosion, and will require replacement.
  • Lubricating Motors: Motors can wear down and quit working if they become overworked, which is why maintenance is recommended every year so that a technician can lubricate the motors.
  • Sealing Leaks: Your generator most likely runs on natural gas or propane, which is still available during a power outage, so a leak in the gas line or from your system would be detrimental to operation, not to mention hazardous for your home.

Most experts suggest scheduling maintenance every year to make sure that there are no problems with the generator that need to be addressed immediately. During a maintenance visit, a technician can clean parts, tighten connection, adjust any loose bolts, and inspect the entire unit for damage. It’s also recommended that you call a technician as soon as you notice any signs of damage or after any extreme weather which could have potentially affected your system.

For whole-house generator service, call the experts at Design Air Inc whenever you need a professional to look over your unit for some peace of mind, or if you’d like to protect your home with a new generator in Pomona. Give us a call today!

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3 Reasons to Consider Boiler Installation

Tuesday, January 13th, 2015

Boilers have been in use as home heating systems for a very long time. Though they are fairly popular compared to other heating systems, there are plenty of homeowners who are completely unaware of why they should ever consider installing boilers. In the interest of helping you explore all of your options for home heating, let’s take a look at 3 of the reasons that you should consider boiler installation.

Boilers Are Often Better Heaters

The most common type of heating system for boilers is called “radiant heating.” It involves the installation of a network of water pipes in the subfloor of each room. The boiler then heats water and distributes it through these pipes. As the pipes heat up from the water, they transmit their heat through the floor and into the room.

Water is a much better conductor of heat than air is, making boiler systems much better at transporting heat throughout the house. This method of heating also heats rooms much more evenly as opposed to warm air, which rises to the ceiling of a room and creates uncomfortable cold spots.

Boilers Are More Efficient

As previously mentioned, water is a better medium for actually transporting heat from one place to another. The other thing that needs to be considered, however, is the actual mode of transportation. Forced air systems can lose up to 30% of their heat on average to leaks in the ductwork, according to the U.S. Department of Energy. That’s a significant loss of heat simply because of some improperly sealed ducts. Boiler systems, on the other hand, have far fewer leaks on average. This makes them able to deliver far more of their heat with very little lost or wasted.

Boilers Are Sturdy

Boilers are some of the most durable heating systems on the market. They last 5-10 years longer than other systems, on average, and can even be passed down through multiple generations if they are properly maintained. You won’t find that kind of staying power in any other system.

If you’d like to know more about boiler systems, call Design Air Inc. We provide professional boiler installation service throughout Pomona.

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