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Have You Considered a Ductless System?

Monday, April 27th, 2020

ductless-acSpring is here and summer will be here before you know it. When that summertime heat hits New York though we know it is nothing to joke about. And, if you are still struggling to get through the season by using strong fans or window unit ACs, it is likely that you are more than ready to enjoy a summer with even, reliable, effective cooling for the first time in a while.

That can be easier said than done through. If you live in an older home or a relatively small one, you may not think that you have any options because your home cannot accommodate ductwork. Or maybe you just don’t want to go through the bother of having the ducts installed. We don’t blame you! Thankfully though you do have options.

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How a Filter Affects Your Furnace

Monday, February 17th, 2020

man-holding-air-filterThere are a lot of different parts within your furnace that allow it to make heat effectively and do its job throughout the colder months. From your heat exchanger to your blower fan to the housing your furnace sits in, and even to the seemingly inconsequential filter, these different parts are all vital to your comfort which is why maintaining them, and repairing them when necessary, is important.

Let’s pause for a  moment and take a deeper look at the role your filter plays. All too often, we find that customers brush off the idea of the filter needing much care because they don’t think it will have much of an impact on the operation of their heater. The opposite is true. While a poorly-maintained filter isn’t as dangerous as a broken heat exchanger or as loud as a blower motor in need of lubrication, it can still have a negative effect on your comfort.

We want to explain why your filter is important and how best you can keep it in good shape.

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Explaining the Strange Noise Your Furnace is Making

Monday, December 23rd, 2019

loud-noise-shocked-womanImagine this: You’re laying in bed, going over your mental checklist of everything left to do before the big holiday party at your house in a couple days. Just as you start to nod off though, you notice the strangest noises coming from your vents. You may have heard these sounds before but they were never this loud or prominent so you ignored them.

Unfortunately, a loud and odd noise coming from your furnace may very well indicate a problem within your system. But there is good news: you can reach out to EB Design Air Inc. for repairs. When you do, one of our technicians will be able to come fix your gas furnace in Monsey so that you won’t have to worry about going without heat on the big day.

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4 Signs You Should Consider Ductless Air Conditioning

Monday, April 15th, 2019

ductless-acIf you’re still using a central air conditioner, that’s no surprise. Central air conditioners are the most commonly installed systems. Part of the reason is simply that it’s what is familiar to most homeowners. Plus, they’re effective at what they do, so there’s not much to dislike.

But for homeowners who want a bit more flexibility and control with their cooling systems, they might discover that a ductless air conditioning system in Monsey, NY is just the thing they’ve been needing. You might be one of them too! Below are 4 signs that you should consider ductless systems, either to replace your central AC or to supplement it:

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What Are My Options for Improving Air Quality?

Monday, January 21st, 2019

virus-cellsWe have a wide range of indoor air quality products, but just knowing that doesn’t do you too much good. Instead, it makes much more sense to figure out what it is about your indoor air that’s bothering you. Then, after testing your air, we can figure out which products are best for you.

Even if you don’t think your air is bothering you, read over these cases for indoor air quality products anyways. You might realize that your air quality could be better than you initially thought.

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Surge Protectors vs Power Strips

Monday, August 20th, 2018

power-stripHave you ever bought a power strip and seen it advertised as a surge protector? For most homeowners, this is the only place they’ve seen a surge protector, and they might assume that these are their best and only options. In reality, these are far from the real thing. True surge protectors are meant to protect your home against any threat of a power surge.

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Signs That You Need an Electrician

Monday, September 4th, 2017

electrical-wiring-problemsYour electrical system is one of the most important components of your household: providing power not only for appliances like computers, but for your heating and cooling system, your refrigerator, and the lights themselves. Good electrical wiring is built to last a long time, but when problems arise, you need a qualified electrician to sort them out. Electricity is one of the most powerful tools of the modern age, but without proper training and licensing, electrical repairs can become very dangerous. The moment you spot the signs of trouble with your electrical system, don’t attempt to fix it yourself. Turn off power to the affected area and call in a professional to deal with the issue.

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What Special Advantages Do Boilers Offer Me for Heating?

Wednesday, November 5th, 2014

Boiler-based heating systems have been around for a very long time. They’ve changed in some pretty incredible ways over the decades, but the general principles have remained the same. So, what can a boiler system offer you that other systems can’t? Read on to find out.

Radiant Heating

Practically all boiler systems involve some form of radiant heating. Radiant heating involves the installation of water pipes throughout the space you want heated. These pipes are often installed in the walls or subfloor of a room. Occasionally, these pipes will terminate in a terminal, like a cast-iron radiator or a baseboard heater. The boiler then heats water, and pumps it through these pipes throughout the house.

The principle at work for all radiant heating systems is more or less the same. As the hot water flows through the pipes, heat radiates from them and into the room. If there are terminal points being used, they will be the primary heat distributors. Otherwise, the pipes in the floors and walls will radiate heat into the room directly. This is essentially how all boiler-based systems work.


There are a few really great advantages associated with boiler-based systems. The number one advantage is energy efficiency. Two factors contribute to the boiler being a much more efficient heater than other systems, especially forced air. The first is that water is a much better thermal conductor than air is. The second is that forced air systems tend to lose 20-30% of their heat on average to duct leaks. So, not only does radiant heating use a better heating medium, but it also uses a better delivery system. This means that it can deliver much more heat to the desired area.

Because radiant heating relies on transmitting thermal energy through solid objects, it manages to much more evenly heat the room than forced air systems. Warm air rises to the top of a room and descend as it cools, which creates cold spots. Radiant heating transmits heat from the floor upwards, keeping the room evenly heated for a greater period of time.

If you’re thinking about upgrading to a boiler system, call Design Air Inc to schedule an appointment. We install boilers throughout the Monsey, NY area.

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3 Advantages of Solar Power

Friday, May 16th, 2014

You probably don’t think that solar power matters a whole lot here in New York. We get a lot of cloud cover on the East Coast, and our winters are as cold as they come. Yet advances in solar power mean that you needn’t worry about cloudy days the way you might have. Here in Monsey, solar energy has become an attractive alternative to many homeowners and you might want to consider a solar energy system for your household.  Here are 3 advantages of solar power that could help make the decision easier.

  • Efficiency. Solar panels use renewable energy, which means that they cost next to nothing to operate. A system in your home can save you a huge amount in monthly energy bills, and it may even earn you money since you can sell electrical energy back to the grid if your system produces more than your household needs.
  • Environmentally friendly. It goes without saying that solar panels make a very green choice for your power needs. They generate no harmful waste and because the sun is an infinitely renewable resource, it doesn’t drain fossil fuels, coal or the like. Increased efficiency has eliminated many of the downsides, making it easier than ever to get the energy you need while still being environmentally friendly.
  • Self-sufficiency. We have our share of power outages in the area, with hurricanes and other disasters growing increasingly common. Solar panels offer a degree of self-sufficiency, allowing you to continue to run vital appliances even when the power grid itself gets knocked out.

The advantages of solar power are self-evident, but even the most efficient system requires a certain up-front investment. And when you make that investment, you want the very best company you can find to perform the installation for you. In Monsey, solar energy systems are the purview of Design Air, Inc. We can inspect your home for the viability of the system (you usually need a clear skyline devoid of trees) and discuss your options with you before proceeding. When the time comes to install the system, we can do so with courtesy and pride. Give us a call today to make an appointment. You’ll be glad you did! And don’t forget to ask about our extensive HVAC services in Monsey when you need professional work done!

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Why Consider a Generator?

Monday, September 9th, 2013

It can be easy for homeowners to overlook just how vital the electricity in their homes is. Of course, then that electricity is no longer available, it can be difficult to believe that you were ever able to do so. Do not let a power outage bring your home and comfort grinding to a halt. Contact the professional technicians at Design Air, Inc. to discuss the many benefits of a generator in your Monsey, NY home. We have all the information you need to determine if investing a generator is the right option for you.

Some of you may be familiar with portable generators. While these machines are pretty convenient and fairly inexpensive, they also offer limited protection should your power go out and remain out for any amount of time. Generally, they can support a few appliances which may be plugged directly into the generator. With a whole-house generator, though, the system is wired directly into your home’s electrical panel and will kick on when the electricity goes out. This is a great advantage over portable generators, which generally need to be started up manually.

The benefit of this is the fact that you do not even have to be at home in order for your generator to come on. This is very important for homes that run medical equipment requiring electricity, of just for homeowners looking to keep the refrigerator cold when they are not at home. Do not let an electrical outage put your home at any risk of inconvenience. A generator must be properly sized in order to supply your home with enough power in the event of an electrical outage. You do not want to invest in a generator only to find that it cannot handle the demand you place on it when the lights go out. When you allow us to handle your generator services, you’ll never have to worry about that.

If you are considering the installation of a generator in Monsey, NY, Design Air, Inc. is the company to call. We have a great selection of generators for you to choose from, and the experience necessary to ensure that you find the right one for your home. Call now to learn more.

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