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Maintain Good Air Quality While Using a Fireplace

Monday, February 4th, 2019

fireplaceFireplaces are wonderful additions to your home for their aesthetic and functional charm. Styles range from rustic and traditional in appearance to sleek and modern. As for the type of fireplace, there are the traditional wood burning kind, gas-fueled, electric, wood-stove… the list goes on.

Regardless of which kind of fireplace you choose, however, an important thing to keep in mind is how that new fireplace will affect your indoor air quality. While modern-day fireplaces are incredibly safe to operate, some of them need to be operated according to their respective instructions. Failing to do so can create risks like polluting your indoor air with harmful exhaust.

Today, we’ll go over some ways that you can keep your air quality intact while using a fireplace.

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Dehumidifiers Help You Beat the Heat

Monday, August 7th, 2017

comfortable-home-familySummers in Franklin Lakes are staggering, not just for the high temperatures, but for the mugginess that can hit you like a wall. High humidity levels can make your home feel like a swamp, and while air conditioners can deal with it in a crude way, they’re not set up for such endeavors. A whole-house dehumidifier, on the other hand, is specifically built to handle the mugginess instead of the temperature, which can reap a number of benefits for your home.

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Stop Germs with UV Germicidal Lights

Monday, April 3rd, 2017

uv-germicidal-lightMost homeowners concern themselves primarily with temperature control in the spring. As the mercury rises, our air conditioners will be increasingly used, and no one can be faulted for focusing their attentions on the AC this spring. But it’s not the only household concern this time of year. Germs, mold spores and other unwelcome visitors become increasingly common as allergy season begins, and if you’re not careful, they can wreak havoc on your home. Illnesses and colds will go up, and mold spores can create that damp, musty feeling that leads to a staleness in the home.

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Control Humidity Levels in Your Home

Monday, February 20th, 2017

Weather_Seasons_Outdoors_iStock_000013156211_XXXLarge-meHumidity is just as important as temperature when it comes to keeping your home comfortable. Unfortunately, the part of the world we live in means that those levels are always fluctuating. In the summer, it’s muggy and gross. In the winter, it’s dry and crackling. Neither is an optimum condition to be in. Luckily, you can control moisture levels in your household air as readily as you control the temperature with the timely addition of a humidifier and/or a dehumidifier. Here’s a quick breakdown covering how they work.

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3 IAQ Products to Help Your Heater

Monday, October 17th, 2016

IAQ stands for “indoor air quality,” and frankly speaking it comes second only to heating here in New City, NY. That’s not surprising given how cold our winters are. But while heating should  come first, you shouldn’t ignore the benefits that indoor air quality products can provide: keeping your air clean and healthy no matter what the conditions are outside. Even more, IAQ products can help ease the strain on your heating system this winter: lowering your monthly bills and reducing the risks of a breakdown. Now is the time to install them, before the snow starts to fall. Here are 3 specific products you should consider if you’d like to give your furnace or boiler a boost this winter.

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Indoor Air Quality: Winter Concerns in Suffern, NY

Monday, February 4th, 2013

Winter is a fun, festive time of the year, but it can also lead to a number of issues specific to the season. With the right information, knowledge, products and services you can avoid and rectify these problems in your Suffern, NY home. Indoor air quality is one of the areas in which your home can really suffer during the winter months. Here are some examples of ways in which indoor air quality can suffer during winter and some helpful tips that can help keep your and your family comfortable and healthy. Contact Design Air for more information about improving air quality this winter.

One of the main problems that indoor air quality faces during the winter time is a result of our desire to save energy and reduce heating costs. When the cold weather arrives most homeowners attempt to seal up their homes, shutting windows and doors and even covering them with plastic sheeting and shrink-wrap. This is an understandable response, but it can also keep pollutants trapped inside as well as heat. Burning candles and even cooking dinner can introduce airborne pollutants into your home. Without proper ventilation, that is where they will stay.

Operating your heater also tends to dry out the air, and this can cause an imbalance in humidity levels. Excessively dry air can lead to sore throats and sinuses. It can even damage wooden surfaces and cause paint or wallpaper to chip and peel. If you begin to notice the signs of a lack of humidity in your home, call your professional service provider immediately.

At Design Air, we fully understand your desire to heat your home as efficiently as possible. This should not be at the expense of the quality of air that you breathe in your Suffern, NY home, though. To learn about the many indoor air quality and weatherization products and services we offer, including air cleaners and humidifiers, contact us today. We have the answers to any questions you’d like to ask.

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Common Humidity Related Problems: A Suffern Humidifier Guide

Monday, December 17th, 2012

Improper humidity levels can lead to a number of problems in your Suffern home. Whether the air in your home is excessively damp and clammy or overly dry and uncomfortable, poor humidity balance is never pleasant. If you suffer from humidity problems in your home, call a professional service provider such as Design Air to learn more about your whole house humidifier and dehumidifier options in Suffern. Prevent discomfort and damage to your home with professional humidity control.

Signs of Excess Moisture in Your Air

Overly moist air can reduce indoor air quality and even cause damage to your home. If you have a humidity problem you do not have to put up with it. Contact a professional to learn more about how a whole house dehumidification system can help restore balance to your indoor humidity levels. High indoor humidity levels can lead to staining, wood rot, peeling paint or wallpaper and the promotion of mildew growth. Eliminate the risks that high humidity levels present. Improve air quality, reduce stuffiness and get rid of musty odors by dehumidifying your air.

A whole house dehumidifier is integrated into your home heating and cooling system. Air is pulled through return ducts, moisture is removed, and dry air is sent back out. On days when your heating and cooling system is not needed your whole house dehumidifier can run independently, providing you with comfortable humidity levels throughout the year.

Why You Made Need a Whole House Humidifier

If you’re not comfortable at home then you can never really feel at home. Excessively dry air can seriously reduce your comfort levels in your own home, and can cause physical damage to your home as well.  Overly dry air can cause sore, itchy throats, dry noses and annoying static shocks. It can also lead to chipping paint and splits or cracks in wood floors and furniture. Don’t put up with these symptoms in your home. A whole house humidifier can introduce the right amount of air into your indoor air, allowing you to live comfortably even in those dry winter months when the heat is running.

Whole house humidifiers are installed right into your heating and cooling system. Water vapor is supplied to the air, and that humidified air is then distributed throughout your home through the ductwork. Improve the comfort of your home and protect floors, furniture and walls with the professional installation of a whole house humidifier in your Suffern home.

If you have any questions or concerns about humidity issues in the Suffern, NY area, call Design Air for more information. We can help you stay comfortable in your home. Let us know how what we can do for you.

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Carbon Monoxide Safety Tips from an HVAC Contractor

Monday, November 26th, 2012

Carbon monoxide leaks present a very real threat. Because carbon monoxide (CO) is odorless and colorless it is impossible to detect without the aid of a high quality, properly installed carbon monoxide detector. If you do not have carbon monoxide detectors in your home or have any reason to be concerned with the condition of your carbon monoxide detector it is important that you call a New City HVAC professional service provider right away. Design Air installs and services dependable carbon monoxide detectors, and we’ve compiled some further information to help protect you from the potential threat that carbon monoxide poses.

Symptoms of Exposure to Carbon Monoxide

Carbon monoxide exposure symptoms are similar to those of the flu except without the fever. Headache, fatigue, nausea, dizziness and shortness of breath are all symptoms of low level exposure to carbon monoxide. Higher exposure levels may result in mental confusion, vomiting, unconsciousness, and loss of muscular coordination. The higher and longer the exposure level the more severe the symptoms. While the best way to prevent exposure to CO is with the help of a dependable carbon monoxide detector, there are some preventive measures you can take that will greatly reduce the likelihood of CO exposure.

Protect Your Home from Carbon Monoxide Exposure

  • Never have appliances or comfort systems installed or maintained by anyone other than qualified professionals.
  • Do not run any gas powered generators or appliances indoors, even with windows or doors open.
  • Ovens and ranges are for cooking; never attempt to heat your home with them.
  • Do not burn charcoal inside a home, garage or vehicle for any reason.
  • Keep vents and chimneys clear of obstructions during home renovation.
  • Never leave a car running in a garage, even if the door is open.
  • Do not use any fuel burning equipment such as propane camping stoves indoors.

Remember, the best way to protect yourself and your home from the potential dangers of carbon monoxide exposure is with a high quality, professionally maintained and serviced CO detector. If your CO detector ever goes off, exit the building immediately and call for professional help. Keep your home safe with a reliable CO detector installation from Design Air. We have years of experience with carbon monoxide detector installation and service in New City and the surrounding area, and we’re happy to make you more comfortable in your home.

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Suffern Air Quality Tip: Air Filters and Cleaners

Monday, November 19th, 2012

When it comes to improving indoor air quality a good air filter or electronic air cleaners is a great tool to have. The Suffern indoor air quality experts at Design Air have some information to share with you about these devices. We believe that to properly clean and purify the air in your home we believe you must be properly informed. Review the information below and call Design Air if you have any further questions about the air purification options available in your area.

Particle Removal Options

Mechanical Air Filters are one of the most basic – yet most effective – air cleaning options available. Mechanical air filters remove pollutants from the air as it passes through by using a filtration material. Mechanical air filters’ efficiency levels are measured on the MERV (minimum efficiency reporting value) scale. The scale ranges from 1-20, with 20 being the most efficient option. Flat or panel air filters awarded a MERV rating of 1-4 are often used in residential settings. They mostly offer protection to HVAC equipment from dirt and debris buildup. They are not designed directly to improve indoor air quality. Pleated, medium efficiency air filters rated 5-13 on the MERV scales are more efficient at removing a larger size range of pollutants from the air in your home. High efficiency filters rated 14-16 can nearly as efficient as true HEPA filters, which boast a MERV rating of 17-20. HEPA filters are rarely used in residential settings as the air flow resistance they create is too much for residential systems to handle usually.

Electronic Air Cleaners use electrostatic attraction to remove particles and pollutants from the air. By pulling air through an ionization chamber electrostatic precipitators give the particles a charge. They then are trapped on a collector that is oppositely charged and can be cleaned of the collected pollutants. Ionizers work similarly, but they do not use collection plates to trap the charged pollutants. Instead the ionized particles simply attach themselves to walls or surfaces in the room, leaving your indoor air cleaner and purer.

Biological Pollutant Destruction

Removing airborne pollutants is a great way to improve indoor air quality in your home, but if you wish to target biological pollutants including allergens and bacteria in your ducts consider the installation of a UV germicidal light system. By using small, safe amounts of ultraviolet radiation UV germicidal lights are able to kill bacteria and other biological pollutants that can grow and thrive inside your HVAC system. In addition to improving indoor air quality these systems can help improve heating and cooling efficiency by keeping your HVAC equipment clean.

Hopefully this information has been interesting and informative to you. Call Design Air if you have any questions about these indoor air quality options in Suffern. We’d be happy to help you start living more comfortably.

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Thursday, October 18th, 2012

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