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Give Your Furnace a Hand with a Humidifier

Monday, January 20th, 2020

humidifier-portableFurnaces are known for being powerful and efficient heating systems that keep your home comfortable throughout wintertime. With that said, even your furnace could use a helping hand every once in a while. A little bit of help can go a long way with extending your furnace’s lifespan and increasing its energy efficiency (which saves you money, by the way).

One of the best ways to make your furnace’s job easier: use humidity. Yes, you read that right. Believe it or not, humidity actually plays a huge role in keeping you comfortable during wintertime. This seems strange to a lot of people because it is the complete opposite of what humidity does in the summertime but we promise that it does have a positive impact.

Let us explain why and how.

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Control Humidity Levels in Your Home

Monday, February 20th, 2017

Weather_Seasons_Outdoors_iStock_000013156211_XXXLarge-meHumidity is just as important as temperature when it comes to keeping your home comfortable. Unfortunately, the part of the world we live in means that those levels are always fluctuating. In the summer, it’s muggy and gross. In the winter, it’s dry and crackling. Neither is an optimum condition to be in. Luckily, you can control moisture levels in your household air as readily as you control the temperature with the timely addition of a humidifier and/or a dehumidifier. Here’s a quick breakdown covering how they work.

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Fight Dry Air with a Whole-House Humidifier

Monday, December 12th, 2016

Winters here in Saddle River, NJ are always cold, and this year is supposed to be one of the coldest on record. But just as much of a concerns as the low temperatures is the low humidity, which can cause all kinds of problems in your home and even bring on a breakdown in your heating system. The solution is a whole-house humidifier, which we can install quickly and professionally to help you enjoy the benefits all winter long. What are those benefits? We’ve provided a quick breakdown below.

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Install a Humidifier Now

Monday, September 5th, 2016

Summer is still here in New City, NY, but fall will be here before you know it and with it comes a host of issues that local homeowners will need to address. Among them is low humidity levels, creating dry air and a distinct comfort problem in many local homes. A whole-house humidifier can solve those problems, and with cool temperatures still weeks away, now is a great time to consider installing one, when you have time to plan at leisure. 

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Common Humidity Related Problems: A Suffern Humidifier Guide

Monday, December 17th, 2012

Improper humidity levels can lead to a number of problems in your Suffern home. Whether the air in your home is excessively damp and clammy or overly dry and uncomfortable, poor humidity balance is never pleasant. If you suffer from humidity problems in your home, call a professional service provider such as Design Air to learn more about your whole house humidifier and dehumidifier options in Suffern. Prevent discomfort and damage to your home with professional humidity control.

Signs of Excess Moisture in Your Air

Overly moist air can reduce indoor air quality and even cause damage to your home. If you have a humidity problem you do not have to put up with it. Contact a professional to learn more about how a whole house dehumidification system can help restore balance to your indoor humidity levels. High indoor humidity levels can lead to staining, wood rot, peeling paint or wallpaper and the promotion of mildew growth. Eliminate the risks that high humidity levels present. Improve air quality, reduce stuffiness and get rid of musty odors by dehumidifying your air.

A whole house dehumidifier is integrated into your home heating and cooling system. Air is pulled through return ducts, moisture is removed, and dry air is sent back out. On days when your heating and cooling system is not needed your whole house dehumidifier can run independently, providing you with comfortable humidity levels throughout the year.

Why You Made Need a Whole House Humidifier

If you’re not comfortable at home then you can never really feel at home. Excessively dry air can seriously reduce your comfort levels in your own home, and can cause physical damage to your home as well.  Overly dry air can cause sore, itchy throats, dry noses and annoying static shocks. It can also lead to chipping paint and splits or cracks in wood floors and furniture. Don’t put up with these symptoms in your home. A whole house humidifier can introduce the right amount of air into your indoor air, allowing you to live comfortably even in those dry winter months when the heat is running.

Whole house humidifiers are installed right into your heating and cooling system. Water vapor is supplied to the air, and that humidified air is then distributed throughout your home through the ductwork. Improve the comfort of your home and protect floors, furniture and walls with the professional installation of a whole house humidifier in your Suffern home.

If you have any questions or concerns about humidity issues in the Suffern, NY area, call Design Air for more information. We can help you stay comfortable in your home. Let us know how what we can do for you.

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