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Why a Gas Fireplace is a Great Addition to Your Home

Monday, March 16th, 2020

couple-warming-feet-at-fireplaceHaving a heating system built into your house that can keep you warm all winter long is a great thing, but in most cases your furnace or your boiler radiators aren’t exactly picturesque. And sometimes it is nice not just to be able to keep warm but also to enjoy a little ambiance. Where the demand for warmth crosses paths with the desire to have something to add to your home environment you will find the gas fireplace.

Maybe you have an older wood-burning fireplace and you are wondering if it is possible for you to switch to a gas fireplace. Or maybe you just want to know what the deal is with gas fireplaces to begin with. Whatever your curiosity we are happy to answer your questions. We offer professional fireplace services in Rockland for a reason after all!

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3 Signs Your Gas Fireplace Needs Repairs

Monday, December 9th, 2019

gas-fireplaceIt is a wonderful feeling to enjoy time beside your gas fireplace when the world outside is so chilly. Those flickering flames provide a sense of warmth and coziness and provide a great place to enjoy a warm cup of cocoa. You may run into issues with this though if your gas fireplace isn’t functioning properly.

If you have a gas fireplace that isn’t working that way it is supposed to, it is likely that you will need to reach out for repair services for this unique part of your home sooner than later. While normally not a primary source for heating the entire home, it is still a part of your heating system!

So, the next question you may want to ask in this case is: what are the signs that I should reach out for gas fireplace repairs? Thankfully, we have an answer for you, along with repair services that you can schedule at any time.

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Let’s Look at Your Gas Fireplace Repair Problems

Monday, December 10th, 2018


If you’ve ever wanted the charm of a fireplace but none of the hassle of splitting your own logs, a gas fireplace is the right choice for you. And for those who do own a gas fireplace, you know exactly what we’re talking about.

However, the components in a gas fireplace do need proper maintenance if you want to keep enjoying it. In this post, we’ll go over a few types of gas fireplace problems and their causes.

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3 Alternatives to the Wood Fuel Fireplace

Monday, September 17th, 2018

cat-warming-up-to-fireplaceSure, fireplaces are how people heated their home in the past, but that’s exactly what gives them their charm. For a while, people in the modern age were using fireplaces purely for this aesthetic charm, but when the idea of using fireplaces to conserve energy came around, people found a whole new reason to install them.

As it turns out though, wood fireplaces are old-fashioned; they need real effort to maintain. Luckily, fireplaces now come in other fuel types, each with their own perks and benefits. Fireplace installation in New City, NY is easier than ever before.

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Need Some Supplemental Heat? Consider Using a Gas Insert or Fireplace!

Monday, November 9th, 2015

Lots of homes in our area have fireplaces. While an open fire is always very relaxing and pleasant, this is not the best way to gain significant supplemental heat for your home. If you are looking to add heat to your home without driving up tremendous heating costs, you may want to think about installing a gas insert into your existing fireplace, and the experts from Design Air Inc., can help you with this.

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Benefits of a Gas Fireplace in Rockland County, NY

Monday, March 11th, 2013

When considering heating options for your home, you may have to decide between different types of fireplaces. While you may enjoy the pleasant crackling of a wood burning stove or fireplace, you may also want something cleaner, more efficient, and with less hassle than cutting or acquiring wood. A gas fireplace is an excellent alternative to conventional heating options. Call Design Air, Inc. today for comprehensive gas fireplace installation in Rockland County, NY.

There are a number of benefits to using a gas fireplace. Let’s take a look at some of them:

  • Style. Many gas fireplaces feature elegant brick backgrounds and light accents. They seamlessly blend into your home, while providing the warmth and comfort of a traditional fireplace. You will have a much more diverse range of fireplace options if you choose gas.
  • No chimney. The cost of installing a chimney to accompany your wood fireplace can be substantial. A gas fireplace usually has a direct venting system. However, if you have an existing chimney, you can find gas fireplace inserts that work with your existing chimney.
  • Energy efficient. While gas is known to be an efficient fuel, gas fireplace efficiency depends on your utility bills. Some companies charge significantly different amounts for gas and electricity.
  • Remote control. Want to change your temperature from across the room? Remote control of your gas fireplace is a great convenience. No need to traipse outside for another log. Warmer temperatures are available with just a click of the button.
  • Ease of operation. Your natural gas fireplace is as easy to turn on and off as a television set.
  • Warmer. Many gas fireplaces feature a blower that helps circulate the warm air so that it can more evenly warm the home and not just heat a single room. Many of these are also made with quiet fan technology for quieter operation.  
  • Ease of installation. Gas fireplaces are generally easier to install than wood-fueled ones, and are a great option if you have an existing gas line for a gas furnace or boiler.
  • No creosote. Creosote build-up is common in wood fireplaces. It can accumulate to such an extent as to reduce airflow, and even cause fires.

Whatever your reasons for choosing a gas fireplace, the benefits are clear. If you think a gas fireplace may be the heating solution for you, call Design Air, Inc. today for a Rockland County, NY gas fireplace installation service.

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