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5 Tips for Conserving Electricity at Home

Monday, May 28th, 2018

solar-panel-on-roofNobody wants to just give their money away. All too often, though, that’s exactly what happens with home electricity use. A leaking duct here and a lack of weatherization there, in conjunction with older equipment needing to be replaced, add up to a bigger cost than you might first think. Replacing the air filter on an AC unit on a regular basis is easy for the average homeowner to do. However, there are additional tips for conserving electricity at home which can have an even bigger impact but require professional installation and maintenance.

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The Benefits of an Energy Audit

Monday, May 15th, 2017

happy-family-homeEveryone wants to keep their homes comfortable during the heat of the summer and the freezing cold of winter, and we rightfully turn to our HVAC systems to do the job. But getting the most out of your air conditioner or heater means focusing on more than just the HVAC system itself. It means checking your whole home and seeing where you might improve its energy efficiency. Enter the energy audit, a thorough examination of your home from a trained technician that can identify places where its efficiency can be improved and formulating a plan of action to do just that.

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Spring 2013 Newsletter

Friday, March 29th, 2013

Check out our Spring 2013 Newsletter with spring cleaning tips and information about how you can save money with high-efficiency AC units. The newsletter also includes promotions and a yummy spring recipe. Happy Spring from Design Air!

Chicken with Creamy Braised Leeks Recipe

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Order the new Golden Pellets from Energex!

Monday, February 18th, 2013

Golden Pellet | Pellet Stove | New City NYOrder the new Golden Pellets from Energex at a special introductory price of $299 a ton!

This super premium fuel is made from the finest kiln dried sawdust available. Quantities of this high quality sawdust is very limited but yields amazing results. It is very high in heat value and has a very low ash content. Due to the limited availability of this high quality dust, only select hearth shops will be able to sell this fuel. Once you try it, you will know this is the fuel you want for your annual heating needs. To avoid disappointment place your order immediately.

Design Air, Inc. offer top quality pellet stove installation, maintenance and equipment. Already have an existing firebox for a traditional fireplace? We can install a wood or pellet stove insert for more efficient heating! Call Design Air, Inc. today!

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Environmentally Friendly Ways to Heat Your Home in Suffern, NY

Monday, January 21st, 2013

Have you ever opened your utility bill and been shocked by the amount of money that you spent to keep your Suffern, NY home warm? When that happens, many of us decide to start looking into ways to reduce our energy consumption. At Design Air, Inc., we offer a comprehensive line-up of some of the most advanced green energy solutions for your home. We thought it would be helpful for our customers if we put together a short list of some of the green options that are available to heat your home in Suffern, NY.

Solar Energy

Solar panels are an incredibly popular in Suffern, NY. They allow homeowners to harness the energy of the sun to run the electric heating system in their home. Here’s how they work:

  • The photovoltaic (PV) panel – The PV panel uses a series of panels that made out of a special kind of silicone. As solar radiation strikes the solar panels, electrons are knocked off of the silicone and captured by a series of circuits. The electrons create a direct current that is then transformed into alternating current by an inverter.

While solar panels are a terrific way to provide free and unlimited electricity to your home, they are not without their drawbacks. Obviously, solar panels need sunlight. While solar systems work well during the summer, during the winter when the sun is out for shorter periods of time or when there are storm clouds, they may not work as well.

Geothermal Systems

Unlike solar panels that use direct sunlight, geothermal systems take advantage of renewable energy that is stored in the ground. If you were to dig down about 10 feet into the ground, the temperature there would be around 55° F. It stays that way no matter what the temperature of the air is above ground. Geothermal systems take advantage of that consistency. Here’s how they do it:

  • Ground loop – A series of coils are buried in the ground and filled with refrigerant.
  • Heat pump – A heat pump inside your home circulates the fluid through the ground to absorb heat.
  • Heat exchanger – The newly heated refrigerant is pumped through a heat exchanger.
  • Blower – The fan in the heat pump, blows cool air from your home across the heat exchanger to heat it.
  • Air Ducts – The hot air is delivered to each of your rooms through your ductwork.

Similar to solar panels, geothermal systems also have their limitations. In areas with extreme cold conditions, they occasionally need back-up heating systems.

If you are interested in reducing the amount of energy that you use to heat your home, call the green energy experts at Design Air, Inc.. We offer a complete line up of green products that can heat your home and also can heat the water in your home. Give us a call today to learn more!

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