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4 Signs You Have DIY Wiring

Monday, September 27th, 2021

Almost everyone has attempted to complete a DIY project for one thing or another. The question is how big of a DIY project it was. It’s one thing to try to repaint a bookshelf or build a chair, It’s another thing to try to perform electrical work on your own. When it comes to handling your electrical system we always advise that people leave this to the professionals.

We understand that there are plenty of people who decide to do their own wiring work. Unfortunately, we usually get calls about this because that DIY attempt didn’t work out quite right. Discovering that the person who was in your home before you attempted to DIY the wiring in the house can be frustrating especially when it starts causing problems. However, you can always come to us for expert electrical wiring in Pomona, NY to resolve the issue.

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4 Signs Something Is Up With Your Wiring

Monday, August 2nd, 2021

electrical-outletLiving in a modern home means that you are going to have plenty of wiring throughout the house. Your lights, electrical outlets, and other parts of the home that use electricity depend on it, after all.

While the wires may be in the walls, they can and will wear down over time. When wires wear out they can loosen and fray and, in turn, this can lead to problems with your electrical systems. So what do you do when a problem pops up? Well, we’d hope you’d reach out for professional help with your electrical wiring in New City, NY because this will yield far better results than a DIY fix.

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DIY vs. Professional Wiring Services

Monday, April 26th, 2021

Wiring is an important part of any house. It is vital for ensuring that electricity runs efficiently and safely. Additionally, it enhances the product’s life, especially if it is an air conditioner or a heating pump, or furnace. 

Homeowners tend to ignore electrical wiring because it is out of sight. Neglect may cause issues later on that can result in a big dent in your pocket, such as a complete re-wiring of your house. It may also lead to changing all appliances because of their lack of efficiency. 

Additionally, homeowners may try to play with faulty electrical wiring themselves, but it could be dangerous. This is true, especially if you have never dealt with wiring before. Some know-how of it will only get you so far. This is why a professional wiring service is important if you want to stay away from accidents. 

So, how can you determine your wiring is faulty? Here are some things you may look out for:

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Why Do I Have Burnt Outlets?

Monday, February 15th, 2021

Unless you are out getting BBQ and you specifically order brisket burnt ends, there is likely nothing else that you want in your life that is burnt. And this doesn’t just apply to food. No one likes being burned by a hair dryer or hot stove for example. And you don’t want burnt outlets in your house.

We’d like to pause there for a moment though. Sometimes burnt outlets are brushed off as a sign of age. Burnt or scorched outlets are a sign of an issue with your home’s electrical system. While we can’t do much to help with a burn on your hand, we can solve the problem causing your burnt outlets. All you need to do is call us.

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Why DIY Wiring Is a Bad Idea

Monday, January 4th, 2021

wire-stripping-closeupSome things are probably okay to use a Do-It-Yourself approach for. For example, crafting cute picture frames, knitting a scarf, or painting an older bookshelf to give it a new life. In other cases however, it is better to leave certain jobs to the professionals. One of those “leave it to the pro” situations is running wires in your house. It also tends to be where we see the most DIY work that doesn’t tend to have very good results

When it comes to working with electrical wiring in New City, it is best to leave that task to electricians like ours. And there’s reasons for that! Give us a quick call to schedule an appointment for your electrical wiring work and check out the reasons why this is your best course of action below.

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Proper Wiring Is the Mark of a True Electrician

Monday, October 15th, 2018

wire-stripping-closeupIt’s not an understatement that proper wiring is one of the most important parts of an electrician’s job. While we’re excited to work on anything from circuit breaker panels to surge protectors, none of those devices will be worth it if their wiring causes more harm than good.

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Electrical Repairs Require a Professional

Monday, October 16th, 2017

electrical-wiring-repairsWith the possible exception of your plumbing, no household system is as important as your electrical system. Appliances cannot run without it, and a reliable household electrical gride is essential to providing heat, air conditioning, electric lights, refrigeration and connection to the outside world. Electrical systems are designed to last a long time, but problems can befall them just like they do any other system. When they do, you need a professional to make proper repairs. Electrical systems require proper licensing to perform properly, and for good reason. While many homeowners pride themselves on being able to handle household chores themselves, this is one field that should always be left to the experts. 

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3 Factors in Running Electrical Wiring

Monday, October 2nd, 2017

happy-family-electricityElectrical systems are a staple of modern life, keeping our homes warm, well-lit and connected with the rest of the world as well as running the numerous appliances that make modern living possible. All of that means a lot of wiring in your home, which usually requires a trained electrician to properly run the wiring.

Electrical power can be dangerous without the right training and experience, and dealing with it always benefits from properly trained professionals. If you need new wiring run in your home – especially now, with winter coming on and electrical power required for heating, generators and other key safety features in your home – then it always pays to trust an established company to do so.

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