Stop Germs with UV Germicidal Lights

Stop Germs with UV Germicidal Lights

Most homeowners concern themselves primarily with temperature control in the spring. As the mercury rises, our air conditioners will be increasingly used, and no one can be faulted for focusing their attention on the AC this spring. But it’s not the only household concern this time of year. Germs, mold spores, and other unwelcome visitors become increasingly common as allergy season begins, and if you’re not careful, they can wreak havoc on your home. Illnesses and colds will go up, and mold spores can create that damp, musty feeling that leads to staleness in the home.

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The good news is that you have an effective means of countering is with UV germicidal lights.  How do they work and what kinds of benefits do they bring? We’ve provided a quick outline below.

How UV Light Works for You

UV light, or ultraviolet light, can be found naturally in sunlight. It’s invisible to human eyes, beyond our ability to perceive, but we can feel its effects whenever we go outside: it’s what causes our skin to tan and burn. UV light bulbs emit light at a much lower level and are often used at rock concerts and amusement parks to make white clothes glow in the dark. (That’s the UV light interacting with chemicals in our laundry detergent.)

At such levels, it’s perfectly safe for human beings and other multi-cellular organisms like pets. Germs and similar creepy-crawlies, however, have a much different reaction to it. Exposure to the light will either kill them instantly or fuse their DNA, rendering them incapable of replicating. That makes UV lights a safe and effective means of keeping your house free of illness. But how can you make the most effective use of it?

The Apex of Your Ducts

Your centralized air conditioner – and your forced-air furnace in the winter – will circulate the air in your home as they run, pushing it through the apex of your ducts to spread to the four corners of your home. A UV germicidal light system can be placed at that chokepoint, shining UV light across the width of the ducts. Germs and bacteria in the air will have no choice but to pass through it. As the system runs, it “scrubs” your air clean, leading to a happier and healthier home overall. UV germicidal lights need very little maintenance beyond changing the bulbs when they burn out and can provide many years of reliable service once installed.

Who Benefits?

Any and every home can potentially benefit from UV germicidal lights. In particular, however, we recommend the system for households:

  • Getting ready to welcome a new baby, or who has an infant or a toddler as part of the family.
  • Have a more elderly resident or residents, who may be more vulnerable to illness.
  • Have a resident or residents suffering from asthma or similar conditions.
  • Have a resident or residents working in a field that results in more exposure to germs, such as a hospital.

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