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Stony Point, NY Fireplace Options: Electrical Inserts


Fireplaces make an excellent addition to your home. Not only do they provide ambient heat and a lovely cozy atmosphere, but they often save you money on your monthly energy bills to boot. In Stony Point, NY, fireplaces serve an important function in keeping us warm on those cold New York nights. For many homes, an electrical fireplace insert makes a safe and attractive alternative to traditional wood-burning fireplaces, without skimping on the atmosphere.

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An electrical fireplace insert typically comes in one of two forms. The self-contained units exist as a complete box that resembles a fireplace and the logs and coals within. You can plug it in anywhere, essentially creating an “instant fireplace” without the need for a chimney and other heavy-duty components. Depending upon your home, you can fit one of these inserts into an existing space, making it appear like a natural extension of the home.

The second type of fireplace insert is smaller, shaped like a log, a basket of coals or similar item. It’s intended to be placed inside an existing gas or wood-burning fireplace, allowing you to make use of the electric technology without having to rip out your existing fireplace.

Both versions provide the same benefits. As electric heaters, they permit you to warm your space while adding the comforting flicker of simulated firelight. They do so without the attendant mess of wood-burning fireplaces, and without the need for chimneys or similar vents. Not only does it allow a “fireplace” in homes that may not be equipped for it, but it eliminates the upkeep cost required for a more traditional fireplace as well. Their ease of installation and speed of use only add to their overall attractiveness.

If you’re looking into fireplaces, and electrical inserts sound like an option for you, then contact Design Air. Inc..  We cover all of the communities around Stony Point, NY. Fireplaces are an area of expertise, and our technicians can discuss your electrical insert options with you. Call us today to set up an appointment; we can show you how your household will benefit from electric fireplace options.