Sounds You Don’t Want Your AC to Make

Sounds You Don’t Want Your AC to Make


When you are enjoying a relaxing afternoon at home in the cool comfort created by your air conditioner, you don’t want that pleasant atmosphere interrupted by some jarring noise. However, if this situation sounds familiar, we urge you not to ignore it. Loud and concerning noises that are coming from your AC should be concerning for a reason: they are a sign of trouble.

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We know not every AC work silently though so, along with letting you know that we offer effective and helpful repairs that can keep these noises at bay, we want to review some of the sounds you don’t want your air conditioner to make.


“What’s That Noise?”: Sounds Your AC Shouldn’t Make

We want you to listen carefully and that doesn’t mean you need to put this article into an audio reader. When we say listen, we mean listen to your air conditioner. You may be used to a little bit of clicking when your AC shuts down and of course, you recognize that big whoosh of air as normal, but it pays to know what the bad sounds are. Keep your ears alert for these noises:

  • Rattling: When you hear rattling in your air conditioner it should translate to a warning about loose parts. Rattling can be caused by loose bolts or screws vibrating in your system, or even loose fan blades rattling around in their housing.
  • Continuous clicking: A little clicking at the start or end of a cooling cycle is normal. However, if you realize you hear clicking continuously throughout your AC’s cooling cycle, this isn’t a normal thing. Nonstop clicking is a sign that something may be wrong with the electrical components in your AC or there may be an issue with the connection between your AC and your thermostat.
  • Banging: When your air conditioner finishes a cooling cycle and shuts down, do you hear a pronounced bang or boom? If you do, it may be coming from your ductwork. It is possible that your AC is improperly sized and your ductwork is struggling because of this.
  • Screeching or screaming: The sounds of screeching or screaming are ones that will be hard to miss and that is a good thing–you want to get these sounds addressed ASAP. Screeching or screaming in your air conditioner may be caused by fan blades scraping the sides of their housing because they are broken or coming loose. These noises may also be caused by a blower motor fan belt that desperately needs lubrication or repair.

When you schedule your yearly air conditioning tune-up in Stony Point, NY with EB Design Air Inc., you can rest assured that you won’t need to worry about these noises as much. We address all the little problems before they escalate into big issues that cause a ruckus and impede on your home comfort. Whether it is strange noises, low airflow, or any other possible problems, our HVAC technicians can get the job done so you can enjoy a cool house this summer.

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