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Sizing Your Whole-House Generator


A new whole-house generator is a wise purchase any time of year, protecting you in the event of power outages no matter what the season. Winter blizzards and summer electrical storms can both wreak havoc on civic electrical grids, including towns like Pomona, NY. When that happens, your new generator will be worth its weight in gold, keeping vital appliances running no matter how long the power stays out.

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A key question, however, is whether your generator can support every appliance in your home or just the important ones. The answer depends on your budget, of course, since a generator powerful enough to cover everything in your home will cost more than one that just covers the basics. Sizing your whole-house generate requires you to answer those question in advance. Here’s how.

1.     Start With a Home Energy Audit

Your generator installation service can likely provide a home energy audit, determining how much power each appliance uses, and accounting for power surges and similar spikes in the power demand. You then have a strong baseline to work with and can proceed further with your planning.

2.     Prioritize

Assuming you can’t afford to cover all of the components in your household. The audit provides a convenient list for you to prioritize. That is, it lets you determine which appliances are necessary in a crisis (such as a heater or a refrigerator) and which ones can be left turned off (such as a video game system. That provides you with a good list to gauge different power levels of generator with: separating the types of generators you need from the ones that would simply be nice to have given your budget.

3.     Stick to the Plan

When you have your generator installed, make a list of which appliances can be run under its power and which need to be turned off. Keep it close at hand so that you and your family know which fixtures and appliances should not be touched when the power goes out.

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