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Signs You Need Emergency Air Conditioning Repair


Our team at Design Air Inc offers 24-hour emergency services. We consider this an important part of our job because we know from experience that the worst repair troubles tend to occur during the least convenient times of the day or night. AC malfunctions do not to strike when it best fits your schedule; it’s usually the opposite. We’re ready around the clock to take care of your air conditioning repair in Pomona, NY so you won’t be stuck in the heat for too long.

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But not all emergency repairs signal that they are emergencies right away. When an air conditioner breaks down, there’s no question that you have to call for technicians immediately. At other times, the problem may seem mild, but actually isn’t. We’ll look at some of these cases in this post so you’ll know when it’s time to pick up the phone and make that emergency call.

Warning Signs of Impending AC Emergencies

  • Any loud or unusual sound: The best early warning system that air conditioners have is strange noises that disrupt the calm hum and whir of the compressor and the fans. The two noises to pay the most attention to are mechanical grinding sounds and a hissing like escaping gas. The first are warnings of motor problems, and possibly even the compressor burning out, which is the most serious repair work of all and can mean replacing the whole AC if it isn’t fixed in time. The hissing sound may mean you have leaking refrigerant, which will threaten the whole system and cause a drop in cooling power.
  • Ice along the evaporator coil: Any signs of ice along an air conditioner cannot be dismissed; it means that the evaporator coil is losing the ability to absorb sufficient heat. This might be because of grime along the coil, a clogged air filter, or loss of refrigerant. You need repairs for this right away, because the ice will only continue to grow until you lose cooling power entirely and the AC suffers damage.
  • The air conditioner starts to trip circuit breakers: One sign of an emergency in the electrical system is when the air conditioner causes the circuit breakers to trip when the compressor comes on. This could be due to faulty electrical connections or trouble with the compressor. Call for repairs immediately to find out what’s wrong.

Fast and effective repairs are one of the keys to an air conditioning system that has a long service life. Another key is to schedule regular maintenance for the system; once a year, arrange for an HVAC expert to come to your home and give the AC a thorough inspection and tune-up, which will help keep away emergency repair calls in the future.

Even if you have no emergencies for air conditioning service in Pomona, NY, you can always sign up for our Maintenance and Service Agreement and start receiving a 10% or more discount on our normal and overtime repair pricing. Give us a call today to schedule your next service appointment with us.